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7 Easy Ways To Make a Difference For Shelter Pets

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Good news! Finally, the last of Nou Nou’s siblings, Uma was moved from a cage to the big cage-free room at the New Rochelle Humane Society. She’s understandably nervous having lived in a cage since being rescued from a hoarder last June. I’m optimistic she will blossom and be adoptable soon. Nou Nou has turned into quite the princess and I’m hoping her sister will have the same fate.


Uma, hoarder cat


Uma shelter cat-50 shades of grey

rescue cats-odin

All our cats are rescue cats and always have been except for my first Siamese. I was only 18 and didn’t know there were rescue groups for every breed. There are some wonderful breeders of purebred cats but I choose to adopt shelter cats. Odin, the spoiled brat (seen above) is a fan. We can all make a difference. Big or small, it all adds up. You know that.

I just whipped up this graphic to do my bit this week and would love it if you shared any or all our adoption graphics.

Adopt Shelter pets graphic


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