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We Made It! Happy Spring News & Mews

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Whew, we made it. We survived one of the worst winters in memory and it wasn’t just the weather. We’re friends right, so I can tell you, it’s been rough. Between family and health issues, computer and the latest web hosting snafus, burn out reared its ugly head. Plus it’s been touch and go with Merlin but somehow he keeps on ticking. There’s at least one moment every day when I wonder if he’s still breathing. He’s peeing on the bed more often and falling off his favorite window sill cushion like a stuntman onto a safety net. It’s alarming but he’s not ready to go. His appetite is excellent and as soon as the weather warmed up he wanted to go out. I’ve rigged cushions everywhere he might fall but he stays by my side most of the time giving kisses and tender paw taps. It makes blogging difficult even when we work from his favorite location: bed. He’s okay with me being on the phone (I’ve been doing lots of consulting) but tapping away on a keyboard annoys him. This is his 21st spring and I’m going to respect his wishes.

So, dearest reader, I’ll be blogging less, starting with merging our Friday Photo Quote newsletter into this blog on Fridays. There will be a new look and direction in the months to come and I hope you’ll be there as the new season heralds exciting new beginnings.

I was going to edit out the dirty snow in this photo of Merlin but changed my mind. It may be the first day of spring but for many us it’s not all daffodils and sunshine.

Sure most of the snow is melting and the snowdrops popped but it’s not magazine perfect but neither is life. Spring can be transformational but muddy. Okay dirty, changeable and unpredictable but there’s never been a better time to make necessary changes. If you feel the need to make changes, don’t wait. There will never be a more perfect time. Do it now, dirty snow or not..

Peace, love and purrs,

Layla, Merlin, Domino, Odin and Nou Nou

spring happy dance cats


  • maggie

    Go Merlin! I’m happy to see the photograph of him enjoying freedom and fresh air. I hope the sun was shining warm on him, despite that white stuff in the background.
    Layla, we’ll be thinking of you and sending love while you are concentrating on your family.

  • Austin Towers

    Merlin, you are a true inspiration! Your tenacity is heartwarming! I have aspirations to be like you. Maybe it takes some perspiration! MOL Happy Springtide young man and continue to snuggle your Mom. xx

  • Cynthia Southern

    I am glad to hear Merlin is doing well and you all made it thru the winter okay. I am sorry things have been so stressful. I love your blog and read it every day. I wish you all a very happy spring.

  • Penelope

    We are so glad to hear that my favorite meezer Man Cat has made it! And Merlin, mes want to lets yous know this old lady meezer has been peeing on the bed too. On Tuesday, mes did 2 times and Mommy and Daddy did not gets mad at all, they just got up, moved mes and changed the sheets. Its tough being old. Mes too is getting used to having Cinnamon’s old Puppy pads underneath mes.
    And when wes looked at that picture of yous, it could has been me!
    Loves yous Lots

  • Dezi and Lexi

    So glad weez all made it fwu anudder winter. Merlin’s lookin’ happy as hims fwolics in da cold. Spwing isn’t lookin’ very purretty and spwingy here eevew, but we know it’s on it’s way. Hav a pawsum weekend.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  • Flynn

    I am glad Merlin has made it through another winter and is eating well. Although Flynn is 6 years younger, it is such a struggle to get him to eat.

  • The Swiss Cats

    We’re always happy to see Merlin featured ! He’s a lucky cat to have such a great and comprehensive mom like you, Layla ! It looks like you got some of his cat wisdom πŸ˜‰ Purrs

  • Alice Towery

    i love Merlin and happy for you and him that he’s made it til spring. It seems hard to understand that you can love a cat you’ve never seen but I do.and so must countless others. My granddaughter was asking me today about cat Heaven and I told her that I thought all God’s creatures will be in the same Heaven we are going to and that we’ll see our beloved animals there. I hope I see Merlin there. Please kiss Merlin’s head for me.

  • meowmeowmans

    I’m so glad that Merlin is still here to enjoy his 21st spring with you. It sounds like he still has some living and loving to do. I know you are thankful for each and every moment you have with him. πŸ™‚

    Layla, please just do whatever you need to do. We will here when you have time to blog, dear friend.

    Happy (snowy) first day of spring!

  • Beverly

    Hooray for Merlin! Take as much time as you need, Layla. After all, the busy-ness never seems to go anywhere. Spring, even when somewhat doubtful, doesn’t wait for people’s schedules. Enjoy.

  • Sammy

    Merlin my friend, your 21st Spring has FINALLY arrived…..the snow melts away like a bad memory and once we see some flowers here and there – some color other than WHITE – we’ll be happy and I think you will be too…..even though you can’t SEE them, you’ll smell them and know you’ve arrived! We’re glad Merlin is eating well and understand his need to be near you as much as possible. Sam is becoming that way to a degree…..if I’m upstairs on the computer he cries from downstairs since he doesn’t come up the stairs any longer – – I close down things and go to him so he can have a nice warm “lap nap”…….Taking care of him and everything ELSE that you must do must be at times exhausting and if you need to revamp your blogging schedule – DO IT! We’ll be here………..

    Happy Spring
    Pam (and Sam)

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    We send you purrs and prayers of joy and peace. We hope that you do slow down and enjoy every second of every day with Merlin. There are things far greater and more important than a blog. We love you dear Merlin.
    To all of you that have lost a beloved friend or may be nearing the time when one may depart this life we send purrs of love and comfort.

    Happy Spring!
    the circle of life continues….
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  • Annabelle

    Merlin it’s so lovely to know you’ve arrived at your 21st Spring. We are so glad to see you as we always are. We pray and purr and hope things still continue onward and we believe your Journey is well worth each paw step.

  • Kathryn

    Yep, just take care of yourself, as the new BFF Internet is a devil in disguise. There are days I cannot do anything and then I realize that i’ve been up too late too many nights and it all makes sense.

  • Tamago

    Great to read Merlin is eating well and he must be very happy that spring has arrived.
    I think snow melting, getting dirty and muddy is a very lovely spring scenery πŸ™‚

  • Andrea

    Our snow, dirty or not, has been gone for well over a week now but then we didn’t have as much as you did to begin with. Last week our temps reached 80!

    I was so afraid that Sky wasn’t going to make it through this weekend as of last night but this morning he has perked up and started eating again. He looks so much like Merlin right now even though he’s only 18. I keep hoping for “just one more day.”

    Hang in there, Merlin. We’re all rooting for you.

  • Bernadette

    Merlin, those humans don’t know much about living do they? Tell her you’re just having a really good sleep when it looks like you’re not breathing and not to wake up up! As long as you eat, you live. (I remember checking Stanley several times a day for months, but he would wake up and we’d go prowl around the yard to check his pee mail again, and he was 24!) Enjoy spring!

  • Bev Green

    Layla I know the feeling…indeed it has been a tiresome summer for us and Autumn is starting much like summer..and as for sweet Merlin…good for him…he is dancing to his own song..i remember as my Merlin was going through FIV towards te end that feeling..he would sleep with his head always under my chin..i moved he moved,,but those moments I wondered f he was still heart would stop..i knew he was not to be with me much longer but those moments were still very raw..we had to make the choice for him in the end .he had had while your Merlin is happy to be with you and in this existence then you be with him..all this will still be here..loves Fozziemum xxx

  • Dorothy

    Dear Layla, after reading your blog this morning I was thinking back on the joy and sorrow involved in saying “Good Bye, For Now” to a loved one. Or maybe the verb should be living because I remember it more like “living” good bye. Every time an accident need to be cleaned, reassuring my furry beloved that it was okay and nothing to be embarrassed about, every cuddle while feeling his warm breath on my cheek and, worst of all, those moments when my heart would stop as I reached out to see if he was still there. I wanted to offer you my support and thanks. Blogging about this must become a chore when you feel like your time might be better spent. So, thank you for sharing this time with us, your readers.
    The link above is to a picture and blog that made me think of you and
    Merlin. I know from your writing that he wants to be close to you as much as possible and I wondered if an infant sling might allow you more movement and be comfortable for you both. Also, you’ve most likely thought of this already but during our Rad’s long good-bye puppy pads were a sanity saver. They made accidents so much simpler because even though there was always a towel or blanket on top of the pad the rug, bedding or cushion underneath didn’t become soiled. He could even use his heating pad because we didn’t have to worry about it getting wet and soiled. Anyway, I hope these ideas might help relieve some of the stress and weariness that goes with a long good-bye. I hope the Universe blesses you and all those you love now and always.

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