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Walk On The Wild Side With Merlin The Cat

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Welcome to the first Mondays With Merlin of 2016 with a walk on the wild side with me, the dinosaur of cats. I feel as old as the bedrock in Sedona (a favorite place of my mom’s) where old is magic. As you know, I love to go for walks as does my mom but, walks don’t have to involve walking. My grandma who is in a wheelchair would know. The walk I’m talking about is about traveling to a new state of mind. It may mean physically exploring a new area, country or a new spot in your home or a walk in the metaphysical or metaphorical world.



For me, my favorite new spot is by a special heater in the bathroom with soft cushion on the floor. As my body is getting older, bonier and prepping to leave, I like the heat. The bathroom floor is not Layla’s favorite place but that’s where she spent most of the other night giving me Reiki and an extra dose of antibiotics on New Year’s Eve eve. The rollercoaster of life continues until it stops. In the middle of that night, Layla whisked me upstairs to her 3rd-floor lair hoping for a wink of sleep when the bloody pee returned. Odin happened to be sitting on a chair up there like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. Layla looked him in his one eye with sharp intent, “Please help.”

I was in the middle zone where I could have gone one way or another, in a heartbeat.

The last thing I wanted was to be dragged in the cold to an emergency clinic to be poked at by unknown vets at 5 am on New Year’s Eve. Frankly, my dad was in a desperately needed deep sleep and I didn’t trust Layla to drive when she’s cross-eyed tired. Wisely she cradled me in bed and prepared to allow me to cross over, calmly for a change. Ha, we’re making progress in the spirit world. When animals pass it’s easier when humans aren’t blubbering with attached energy.
Then Odin, who never spends time with me anymore hops onto the bed and does the feline equivalent of spiritual healing resuscitation. Layla, who has seen just about everything as a healer had never seen anything like it. Odin purred with a ferocious volume. There was head to head pressing, delicate and firm pawing along my spine and angelic energy all around us. I felt serene and if it was my time to go, it was the way to go. After about 30 minutes, Odin hopped off as cavalier as ever, I popped up as good as Lazarus and told Layla I needed to pee. She placed me on a pee pad on the floor and I peed clear with no blood. Some other weird mystical things happened since then but that’s another conversation. All I can say is seeing is believing or healing is believing. Layla took a quick snap in the dark, and this is what it felt like.

Often in the 11th hour, Just when you feel like giving up or think no one cares, something happens. Layla was feeling world-weary and blue after the New Mew Year about many things (I’d like to think it’s just me getting ready to leave) but it’s more complicated. And then there’s the potato chip test. Nothing, no treat gets me going like being able to stick my head in a bag of chips. Damned humans never gave me more a couple chips at a time. In kitty heaven, I believe there is a buffet of every flavor of chips, but I digress. So yesterday, I get a whiff of Layla’s potato chips and they work like smelling salts. Stingy Layla only gives me tiny pieces of chips to nibble on but it’s foodie heaven on earth. Of course they’re not healthy but would you deny a dying old cat? I don’t get them every day and Layla knows that the day I refuse potato chips is the day I’ve given up.

All the kitty dynamics are shifting. Domino is still my good pal but he’s spending more time alone and has a sudden passion for Morris Dancers videos. Odin is spending more time with a Nou Nou but not Domino. Nou Nou is thrilled to have her boyfriend more attentive but Odin as seen here, is one cool customer who knows how to walk on the wild side.

I wanted to share how wonderfully connected we are even when we forget. Layla posted her poem graphic about never giving up at her other blog with a different audience and they don’t comment much. Much to her surprise, a cat lover from Germany posted a comment here. It made all of us purr with delight at how we can connect with strangers oceans apart. But we’re not really strangers if we belong to the kitty tribe, yes? We may not speak English perfectly but we’re all fluent in the universal language of PURR.

“I’ve just got this poem as a New Years present from my next-door neighbours. Normally, I am not a keen poem reader, but that one touched me to cry.
Whenever I am away for a longer time, my very good friend does the catsitting, she is devoted to Barbarossa and Lucifer, and I hope I manage not to leave them alone.
Silly, when you are no longer a teenie, as I am (72), there is always that danger hanging around like Damocles’ sword.
My cats are very dependent on personal relationships, although they can talk to birds or mice outside, they give in return so much, they make my home happy!”

May your home be happy and your purrs loud.

Love always,



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