The Fine Art of Capturing Felines.

It’s no secret that cats are my passion and creative muse. They amuse and inspire with every twitch of their tail and blink of their eyes. As as intuitive cat behavior consultant, I’ve found one of the best ways to understand cats is to closely observe them doing what they do naturally. For me, photography is a tool of observation in the moment and the images provide further insights down the road. I’m not a cat trainer who poses cats in artificial settings. If they pose, it’s from their own free will for their amusement and not mine.

I’d like to introduce some of my feline fine art photography on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and need your feedback. Do you prefer a feline photo quote de jour like this…

 feline photo quote de jour

Or fine art photography without words like these?(see below). I’ve been experimenting with new techniques from classic portraiture to fantasy painterly images both indoors and outdoors that will hopefully illustrate future posts on cat behavior.

All images on this site are the property of Layla Morgan Wilde and copyright. If you are interested in licensing or purchasing prints, please contact me.

Cat Photo Editing Contest

Another reason to subscribe to Cat Wisdom 101! If you’d like a photo of your cat receive the Layla treatment with creative photo editing, email one photo to Subscribers only please. The winner will be announced next Tuesday.

before and after-cat-phoot-editing-contest


Gris gris head shot-feline-photography

Odin- catnap-art

Odin & odalisque-fine-cat-art-photography

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15 thoughts on “The Fine Art of Capturing Felines.

  1. I think it all depends. Sometimes a cat’s expression says more than hooman words ever could. Sometimes the words add a lot. And your fine art photography is excellent!

  2. I like both. It’s probably a matter of personal taste, and I don’t think you should let your creativity be limited by the tastes of those of us who are not nearly as talented as you are!

  3. I like both pictures too. I am not crazy about printing on the pictures themselves. I think it takes away from the picture. But you are doing a nice job with fixing up the photos. I tried to learn to do that but too complicated for my pea brain.
    Hope you have one heck of a day.

  4. Have you also been experimenting with popups? I’ve started getting “You may also like …. ” popping up in the corner!! lol

    I think I also like both (not helpful, I know!) It really depends on what one is trying to convey. Sometimes a picture tells the whole story. Sometimes added text is icing on the cake – especially when it’s amusing!

  5. I like both views. You have some gorgeous photos of cats. I commend you, I know when I pull out the camera one runs and hides, one starts posing, and the other one tries to kill the nasty creature that is hanging from my face.

  6. Well, we like both! Though to be honest our mom prefers not to have text over a photo…the words above and below, in the “border” area, are nice! (Just a purrsonal preference.)

    But we love the “after” photos too, no words, just as much.

    So we’re no help, other than the preference of not having text on the photo itself. 🙂

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