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Cats, Kangaroos and Eternal Sunshine

Good day dear ones, it’s Merlin here and yes, I survived my 21st birthday.  It may not have made the headlines or Buzzfeed but it was eternal sunshine for me. I could say there was something exotic like a smoked salmon and caviar cake but it was a very low key event.  A nasty, cold […]

Merlin cat 21 birthday

Merlin The Cat Turns 21 & Big PetSafe Giveaway

The biggest feline birthday we’ve ever celebrated is Merlin’s 21st.  What is there to say about a cat who for 20 years has behaved more human than many humans? He’s my soulmate cat and when my husband asked me to marry me I told him, “You do understand that Merlin will always come first?” He […]

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Feline Throwback Thursday With Birthday Boy Merlin

      This Throwback Thursday is all about our birthday boy, Merlin.  We’re so excited!  We just received the prize we won from our friends at Cat Chat With Caren and Cody for a 16 X 20 photo on canvas from  The hard part was choosing a photo from our huge archive.  I wanted something […]

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Merlin’s 21st Birthday Week, Interview With One Drawing Daily Artist and Pet Portrait Giveaway

We have an extra special Mondays With Merlin today.  It must be the full moon or something because I’m feeling positively kittenish.  Even my garden strolls turned frisky.  We’re celebrating all week since my big 21st  birthday is fast approaching. Friday, Oct. 2nd to be precise. And I need to be precise because I’m conducting […]

Blessings of the animals

Sweet Rosh Hashanah Feline Blessings

Well hello there, it’s me Merlin still here for another week.  You’d think it would make Layla happy but she’s feeling melancholy.  Maybe it’s the first inklings of autumn or the visit yesterday to the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery for the annual blessing of the animals. She brought photos of all of us to be blessed […]

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Old Siamese On Hammock Dreams Of Love

It’s a special Labor Day edition of Mondays with Merlin.  My favorite meezer is Nellie, an old, blind Siamese (like me!) and we won her “finish the sentence” contest. Check out her blog The Cats From Hell She shares the blog with two other cats and a dog in Canada but really gets around. I don’t think […]

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See You in September, Cat Lovers

    Blink and it’s over. Maybe not summer but August is hanging by a cat’s whisker. There’s a melancholy mood under the heat wave and as a cat who has seen 20 summers, I’d like to share my annual end of summer song, “See You in September”. It sets a nostalgic tone for us […]

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Mondays With Merlin: Walk With Compassion Not Pity

Happy Monday, dear ones. I’m here today to talk about walking with compassion and not pity. I bet you’ve never seen me, Merlin from this perspective. It serves to illustrate the old “walk a mile in your shoes” quote (not that cats need or want shoes). This cat’s eye view also helps you giant humans […]