Cat Who is a Dog in Year of the Monkey Seeks Valentine

  Cat Who is a Dog in the Year of the Monkey Seeks Valentine. Huh? It’s like this. I’m a cat but in Chinese Astrology I’m a dog because of the year I was born (1994). Yeah, I’m that old. To add insult to injury, of the 12 animals in the zodiac there is no Read More

safe cat housekeeping

Mondays With Merlin The Cat: Marie Kondo Declutter Tips

Happy Monday! It’s Merlin, showing you my Monday face. Not quite a wrinkled nose, meh face but close. I’m happy we’re only six weeks away from spring but there is so much going on at my house with all the extra cat care, running to the vet, human doctors, dealing with my ancient granny, working Read More

Odin snow garden

Mancat Monday With Snow Cat Odin

Merlin and Nou Nou are sitting on the sidelines this week and not interested in Mancat Monday Adventures with Snow Cat Odin.  They’re okay but prefer to hang out in a cozy, warm spot instead of going outside in the snow, like ME, SNOW CAT ODIN! And yes, there really is a website for cats Read More


We Could Be David Bowie Cat Heroes

  We Could Be David Bowie’s Cat Heroes is my theme for Mondays With Merlin as we pay tribute to David Bowie and share a few, little known facts about him. I was first introduced to Bowie’s music when Layla adopted me as a young cat in 1995. When we heard David Bowie died at Read More


Cats, Souls and Shamans

Can you believe it’s Monday again, and I’m here to share about cats, souls and shamans.  That would be me, Merlin of the feline persuasion, age 21 years, 3 months and 1 week but who is counting? Not me. I take it moment by moment and boy there were some moments last week I’d rather Read More


Walk On The Wild Side With Merlin The Cat

Welcome to the first Mondays With Merlin of 2016 with a walk on the wild side with me, the dinosaur of cats. I feel as old as the bedrock in Sedona (a favorite place of my mom’s) where old is magic. As you know, I love to go for walks as does my mom but, Read More


Post Holiday Mancat Excess Everything

It’s Merlin here recounting one of the weirdest holiday seasons and certainly the warmest on record.  The full moon madness peaking on Christmas eve and spilling beyond Christmas Day into Boxing Day, frayed our tempers and moods blacker than a clowder of Grumpy Cats. That’s not entirely true. There were bright spots like our Secret Read More


Yule and Winter Solstice Cat Odin Tells All

We’re sending Yuletide greetings of the furry kind.  Odin here, the Yule, winter solstice cat reporting on behalf of Merlin with a fireside chat. Why me? Apparently my namesake the Norse god Odin is the original Father Christmas. Sit down and warm yourself by the fire and I’ll tell you all about it. This isn’t Read More