holiday cat pet sitting PSA

Merlin The Cat’s #1 Holiday Season Tip For Humans

Ho, ho, ho, dearest cat lover, can you believe it’s December? The holiday season is upon us and let me tell you a secret: cats don’t care about it (except maybe the treats). The truth is we don’t really understand what a holiday is but we do know things are more stressful and different. We Read More

holiday cat pet sitting PSA

Mondays With Merlin: Cats 4 Peace in Paris

  Happy Monday and it’s usually happier with me, Merlin to start your week off on the right paw. Some weeks are tougher to rally the troops with good cheer like the past week. What stress and sadness, what with me flirting with the grim reaper, Layla with dental and other issues and then the Read More

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Mancats Through Thick and Thin

Hello there and happy Monday! Feeling blah or blue? It’s your host Merlin, to the emotional rescue. One of the things I appreciate on a rough day is the support of a good friend. For me, the support is literal when Domino wedges his hulking weight against me. He purrs a loud, vibrato in my Read More

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Dia De Los Muertos Cats

News Update: Layla is off to the Purina #BetterWithPets Summit.  She’s thrilled to be invited a second time and can’t wait to share this year’s theme: emotional wellness of pets and the people who love them. Check out our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feed for the latest.  Meanwhile, my mom Layla has left me for Read More

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You’re Invited to the Irresistible Feline ACATEMY

What’s an Irresistible Moment? noun \ir-i-zis-tә-bәl mō-mәnt\ any time shared by a person and cat that shows their unique relationship in action precise point in time when a person and cat are on the same page human/feline connection that you want to repeat and/or make better with treats you and your cat’s “thing” As a Read More

holiday cat pet sitting PSA

Mondays With Merlin: Wizard Cats Class

Quick Update: Merlin here and yes, I’m still alive. A nasty UTI flared up and I was whisked to the vet this morning. I’m on two kinds of antibiotics and will know test results tomorrow. I’m very wobbly, but the vet said my heart is strong and did not suggest euthanasia at this time.  Everything Read More

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Mondays With Merlin: Starting Over Sucks

If you’re a subscriber or saw our last post, you know we lost all posts since Sept. 21. Our website had a major restore (4 times!) but they could not restore those dozen posts. That includes all my birthday posts, all your loving comments Layla and I treasure. Thank goodness there are some cached files but most Read More

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Do Cats Have Guardian Angels?

This is a revised cached post. Some images may be different and previous comments are missing.   Happy Monday dear ones. It’s Merlin here with a burning question: Do cats have guardian angels? Remember that photo of me (last week) staring intently at the something in the garden? You may want to adjust your screen Read More