Feline Mona Lisa: Queen of Cups Tarot Compassion

Full moon wishes and Mona Lisa smiles dear ones. It’s me, Merlin and another full moon look at tarot insights with the Queen of Cups. We’re still in the watery, moon-ruled sign of Cancer, the 4th sign of the zodiac. In the tarot, there are four queens, one for each suit: cups correspond to Water, Read More

Tarot Wisdom

Feline Tarot Wisdom: Hang On Or Let Go

Mondays With Merlin and Feline Tarot Wisdom. You asked for it, so here I am, Merlin, dishing out a dollop of Feline Tarot Wisdom with a dash of sass. If the shoe fits, you’re welcome and if it doesn’t, it may fit later this week. This week’s tarot card #12 is The Hanged Man which looks Read More


Mondays With Merlin: Summer Solstice Full Moon

 Summer Solstice wishes from me, Merlin, coming to you from Summerland  I promised I’d be back. You didn’t really think I could stay away, did you? The world is in such a sorry state, we need all the feline wisdom we can get. I have so much to report since my exit last month, it’ll Read More


Death, Digital Diarrhea:Hardest Post Ever Written

Death, Digital Diarrhea and Hardest Post Ever Written and not necessarily in that order. All I know is that it’s 4:AM and I’ve struggled to write this for hours. I’ve stirred the pot with dozens of titles and they all stink. Hold you nose and let’s dive in shall we? Do you want the good Read More


Mondays With Merlin: A – Z Cat News

  Hello, dear ones,  this Mondays with Merlin is a little different. I’m sharing A – Z cat news. So much has happened and since we’re blogging less often, news piles up.  Pay attention for a secret clue but please don’t email my mom. She’s okay but up to her cat ears doing last minute Read More


Cat Guru Merlin Teaches Push Push Tarot

Cat Guru Merlin Teaches Push Push Tarot. Dearest ones, it’s with a heavy heart at today’s Monday’s With Merlin to announce a cosmic kick in the pants. Just when we thought the tech gods were friendly they  pulled a double whammy crashing our site and everything got restored except today’s mega 1000 word opus on Read More


Merlin The Cat’s Shocking and Enlightening News

Hello dear ones, are you sitting down? You may want to pause your digital stream for Merlin the cat’s shocking and enlightening and news. You may gain a bit of wisdom too, for free. P.S. Tech gremlins returned. This is a duplicate post. The other is not visible on our home page. All comments and Read More


FIV+ Former Feral Celebrates 13th Birthday

Mondays With Merlin will return next week but today is all about the FIV+ former feral birthday boy Domino who is celebrating his 13th birthday. The only comment from him is “I’m glad I don’t have opposable thumbs. Carry on.” He’s as droll as ever. He’s living proof that FIV+ cats are adoptable. If you’ve Read More

baker and taylor_library_cats

Mondays With Merlin: Literary Lions and Library Cats

Welcome to this week’s Mondays With Merlin, the 21.5-year-old wizard cat blogs about Literary Lions and Library Cats. “Of course, there will always be those who look only at technique, who ask ‘how’, while others of a more curious nature will ask ‘why’. Personally, I have always preferred inspiration to information.”  — Man Ray Personally, as Read More


Merlin The Cat Finds Rumi and The Meaning Of Life at 21.5

Remember when kids would prize getting older and proudly announce being four and a half or five and a half but then it abruptly ended? Maybe by seven or eight but certainly by the double digits. Then you humans would race towards the cool factor of getting older. Wow, sweet 16, woo, woo, woo 21! Read More


Two 21-Year-Old Cats’ Bucket List

Our theme today at Mondays With Merlin is Two 21 Year Old Cats’ Bucket List.,. I’m excited to share news about another 21-year-old cat. Tigger, a 21-year-old cat with a bucket list who was adopted by an ex-pro cheerleader and marketing coordinator of a vet clinic in Baltimore, Maryland. Tigger has appeared on TV and garnered Read More