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When The Cat Mom’s Away Cats Will Play

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I have nothing but shocking news on Mondays With Merlin this week. The devastating edition: When The Cat Mom’s Away Cats Will Play? Rustle up trouble? Order in Chinese food with extra orders of Kung Pao chicken?


Blogger pals:we’ve been having issues leaving comments on some blogs. We empty cache, etc. and it takes 3 times to leave a comment. Sorry if we missed you.

If you live long enough, nothing should surprise you. You’d think by my age, 21 (100+) in human years, I’d be fine with surprises but it’s been a shocking kind of week. Not jaw-dropping but more discombobulating. I know spring is coming but did the crocuses all have to pop the same time? Didn’t Mother Nature get the message to bloom gradually? it was suddenly so warm, summer warm we had a picnic and blankie time in the sun. The sun felt good and I’m ravenous all the time in a race against the grim reaper. We’ve all agreed it’s game over once I stop eating. At the earlier stages of CKD I’d be force fed at times but it’s no more forced anything.

I wanted so badly to walk and sniff the garden but my legs did not cooperate. I walked 10 feet and had to lie down. If you ever get impatient with an old person moving at glacier speed, take heart. They don’t want to be old and slow. They aren’t doing it annoy you. I would know. It sucks being old and infirm. I’m so darned stubborn, I move with all my might to get to where I need to go and flop over. I must say I make a valiant effort to get into the litter box 50% of the time. I’m coddled and carried more than before but, he, he, he I need some independence and managed to squeeze through the barrier at the top of the stairs and tumbled down, again. It gets a rise out of the

I’m coddled and carried more than before but, he, he, he I need some independence and managed to squeeze through the barrier at the top of the stairs and tumbled down, again. It gets a rise out of the pawrents and I’m no worse for wear. Yes, I am the most intrepid Siamese perhaps in history. Cats, even old cats like me have incredibly flexible spines able to move like Olympic gymnasts. And if you think you have it bad, there is always someone worse off.

Cats with mobility issues can use a wheelchair walker contraption but I don’t think it’s the solution for me. It’s amazing to see all the wheelchair inventions for pets online. Not being able to walk is not the death sentence it once was. This decade is re-defining what special needs means for pets and those who love them. It’s a special kind of commitment and remember cats can easily live over 20 twenty years. To devote 20 years to a paralyzed or wobbly kitten with cerebellar hypoplasia takes commitment to another level.

My best friend Domino looks out for me but last week while watching the finale Downton Abbey, he was hogging the catnip covered turbo scratcher, when I strolled by and he clocked me. That’s right, like a boxer and I went down. All I wanted was some catnip. Carson, the butler on the show was just mentioning the wedding of Lady Edith and I wondered about my betrothed Nellie. I was thinking a June wedding would be in the cards but now I’m not so sure.

I apologize for the hasty video mess. The room was dark and Layla never checks settings or if HD is on except when she posts to Instagram. Click on our Instagram widget in the sidebar to see Odin yawning and showing off disgusting dirt boogers in his nose. He’s always snorfling in the garden like a bloodhound. Our dad accidently left window open in the bedroom open a crack and Odin managed to squeeze through to the top of the porch roof. The screen is secure now but for days he clawed at it thinking it was best cat door ever. Go figure!

Anyway Layla’s been distracted lately by a gazillion things including LEAVING ME to go to FLORIDA for 4 DAYS. And not even a vacation but to spend the time indoors at a convention center to explore pet products, thousands of them with thousands of people and walking thousands of miles. Sounds like a nightmare to me but she’s always wanted to go.

The Global Pet Expo is world’s largest annual trade show in the pet industry and not open to the public. It’s where new products are launched, buyers buy, deals are made and PR peeps are buzzing under one ginormous roof. Layla promises it will be the last time she leaves me. She posted a Global Pet Expo Survival Guide. They’re actually pretty smart tips for any conference. My best tip is: don’t leave home, ever.




    Merlin, dearest, Mes will pops by in your dreams every day whilst Your Mommy is away. Mes will snuggle with yours in our imaginary blanket in the sun too.
    Mes would loves a April wedding. Just a small one with your family and my Mommy aND my Maid of Honor – Katie Isabella.
    What does yous think? Wes could dial up a sun shiny day and has fresh fish and then a lovely snooze on a nice warm bed?
    What does yous think?
    Your Nellie Bellie

  • The Swiss Cats

    We’re sorry Layla is leaving you, Merlin, four days is a long time for you. We’ll send you extra-purrs while she is at Global Pet Expo (that sounds like a pawsome event !). It was nice to see you on the video. Purrs

  • Ellen

    Four days is long time for an old fella, but maybe Layla can call, or something. Just hearing her will make things better, and while she is gone sleep on one of her sweaters . Besides that, you will be spoiled by your human Dad.
    Dominoe shouldn’t had thwapted you, but ya know what catnip does you either get happy or a bit too frisky.
    It is always nice seeing you on video.
    Hoping Layla has a great time at the fair, and you don’t miss her too much! Just think of all the kisses and coddling when she gets back you will get!

  • Fur Everywhere

    Our mom would love to go to Global Pet Expo someday, too. We hope your mom has a good time and comes back to you safe and sound. In the meantime, have lots of naps and get your dad to take you out in the garden so you can enjoy the outdoors.

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    dood….we R on de way like rite now….when de momz a way…. itz perch pizza pie all round !! make that PI…day 🙂 ♥♥♥

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    you and Dad spend spoil me time together while Mom is away! You two can keep in touch telepathically. We are gald that you got to get out in the warm sun , that always feels soooooooooooooooo good.We send purrs and prayers out for everyone!
    Skeeter and Izzy & the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & The Angels >^..^^..^<~

  • easy rider

    My momma is always sad when she has to leave the house without me… we all will look for your dear Merlin while your mom is away… and if you need something (pawty pizza catnip) just call me…

  • Sometimes Cats Herd You

    That’s a good tip, Merlin. We’ll purr big purrs for you while Layla is away, Merlin. Four days is a long time when you have a complicated routine and are so attached to your human. We are very lucky cats that the head peep will be coming home to us every night during Global Pet Expo. She says that means unlike the people who stay in the convention hotel,she has to get up extra early and do the whole morning routine with us, but we know she secretly loves chasing Newton when he manages to bust out of the room where he was eating and tries to steal everyone’s food. We’ll have to make it extra-exciting for her on those mornings.

  • The Island Cats

    We’re sorry Layla is leaving you, Merlin…but she’ll be back before you know it! It was nice to see the video of you and Domino…but Domino should have shared the scratcher with you.

  • Summer

    My human hates leaving home without me – so she does her best to take me where ever she goes! Sadly, the next time she is out of town, I won’t be along – but I will be the weekend after!

    I know you will be fine while your human is away, Merlin, because I will be purring for you!

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