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What’s Cooking With Vintage Funny Cats

Layla Morgan Wilde/ May 4, 2016/ cat photo quotes, Cats, Contests & Giveaways, Feline Fine Art/ 18 comments

What’s Cooking With Vintage Funny Cats? The usual silliness. This week’s cat caption contest winner understood the quandary of a cat mom and a funny bunny. Congratulations to Kathryn Esplin for her caption about bunneh kitteh love. If you’d like to come up with a funny caption, it’s easy: just think like a cat. This week’s Cat Cartoon Contest is from the

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It’s Raining Funny Cats

Layla Morgan Wilde/ April 27, 2016/ Feline Funnies/ 18 comments

It’s Raining Funny Cats and funny cats caption writers. We had some great entries last week but the caption that captured our funny bone was: “It’s easy, just don’t look down!” from the clever cats at Island Cats. Visit their blog and follow them on Facebook If you’d like to exercise your funny bone, this week’s Cat Cartoon Contest is from

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This Year’s Award Season Has Gone to the… Cats

Layla Morgan Wilde/ January 19, 2016/ Cats, Contests & Giveaways, Reviews & interviews/ 12 comments

Move Over Oscars, This Year’s Award Season Has Gone to the… Cats The Meow Mix Acatemy has voted and the results are in: The winner of the 2015 Internet is… Cats. From Reddit posts to Buzzfeed lists, it’s im-paw-sible to scroll through your news feed without a cat pouncing its way into your heart. Move over, Robert Meowny, Jr., Jenni-purr Aniston and Leonardo DiCatrio — the

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Q & A With Cat Man Cartoonist Scott Metzger

Layla Morgan Wilde/ December 12, 2015/ Cats, Feline Funnies, Holidays, Reviews & interviews/ 25 comments

We’re big fans of Scott Metzger, the syndicated cartoonist who happens to be a cat man.  It takes a deep understanding of cats to extract humor as he does from situations all cat lovers can relate to.  And since we’re in the thick of the crazy busy holiday season, a little humor goes a long way to soothe the savage beast (and

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Selfie Sundays With Nou Nou and Grumpy Cat

Layla Morgan Wilde/ August 16, 2015/ Cats, Feline Fine Art, Feline Funnies/ 25 comments

It’s time for another Sunday Selfies blog hop. We realized our forever foster gal Nou Nou hasn’t shown her face lately. She’s fine except for hairballs. Thankfully she’s letting me do some more grooming and brushing but she’s a skittish one. She’s very single-minded and her worst nightmare would be fame like Grumpy Cat. Cameras, public appearances, adoring crowds, meh.

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Power of Meow Winners and Epic Fail Cat Selfies

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 19, 2015/ Book Reviews/giveaways/ Q + A, cat photo quotes, Cats, Feline Funnies, Odin/ 20 comments

It’s Selfie Sunday but Odin is not having any of it. We are contributing these epic fail cat selfies to the selfie blog hop at our friends at There’s A Cat On My Head. The linkies with more cooperative cats selections are the bottom. Our winners of The Power of Meow Giveaway are Elaine Hutzelman, Cherry City Kitties, Skeeter and

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Five winners and Feline Selfie Narcissism

Layla Morgan Wilde/ March 29, 2015/ Cats, Contests & Giveaways, Feline Fine Art, Feline Funnies/ 29 comments

We’re exploring feline selfie narcissism but first we have five fabulous winners to announce today. The winner of Texts from Mittens is Jo Zych. The two winners of Shakespeare Cats are Kathryn and Darlene. The two winners of Zen Cats are Bethany Meissner and Cynthia Southern. Congratulations! Look for an email from Cat Wisdom 101 requesting your shipping address. Please respond

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Texts From Mittens Cat Book Giveaway

Layla Morgan Wilde/ March 22, 2015/ Book Reviews/giveaways/ Q + A, Cats, Reviews & interviews/ 34 comments

The hilarious Angie Bailey’s latest book Texts From Mittens will be released on March 31 and you can win a copy here. I met Angie at a CWA (Cat Writers Association) conference four years ago and I’m so proud of her success. She’s naturally funny, quirky and a down-to-earth friend you just want to root for. Like many bloggers, she

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Shakespeare Cats and Zen Cats Book Giveaway +

Layla Morgan Wilde/ March 15, 2015/ Book Reviews/giveaways/ Q + A, Cats, Contests & Giveaways, Feline Fine Art, Feline Funnies, Reviews & interviews/ 55 comments

If you’re a literary lover and cat book aficionado like us, you’re in for a double treat. Two lucky winners will win two gorgeous new cat books from Mango Media. But first, we’re purring to announce the winner of our Rescued book giveaway. Congratulations to our winner Katie Kat and Oreo. We’d asked for rescue stories in the comments and hers is

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Mancat Monday Life Secrets

Layla Morgan Wilde/ March 24, 2014/ Cats/ 17 comments

It’s another Monday or as our friend Easy in France calls Moanday. Domino is writing off the week.   We are frankly getting impatient with the weather roller coaster. It’s one day warmish, the next day blustery. Odin says we must find our inner balance in order to find harmony. He can’t sing very well so Paul McCartney and Stevie

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#MeowMonday Mancats

Layla Morgan Wilde/ March 10, 2014/ cat photo quotes, Cats, Feline Fine Art, Feline Funnies, Man Cat Mondays, Secrets of Cats/ 31 comments

Recognize the nose? It’s me Domino of course and my sniffer says spring is coming! The snow is melting and I luxuriated on the porch for most of the weekend. Oh, the sun felt heavenly until the woman with the blonde hair and black box rudely interrupted my sun slumber. The nerve! She claims I’m so photogenic, whatever that means.

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