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Vet 101: Medical Marijuana For Pets

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Awhile back we did a review/giveaway for herbal pet strips from Vet Guru created by Los Angeles veterinarian Doug Kramer, 36, known as the “Vet Guru,” but Dr. Doug is now a crusader for a different kind of herbal medicine. The innovative, holistic vet has been getting a lot of press lately for being an advocate for medical marijuana or MM. Medical Marijuana is clinically proven to alleviate pain and nausea in human patients with cancer and Dr. Doug believes MM has veterinary potential. He reports seeing positive results in pets with cancer from reduced anxiety and nausea, increased appetite and pain relief for a more comfortable end of days. The June, 2013 feature article of JVMA, the journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association features Dr. Doug Kramer on veterinary marijuana.

Despite our cute kitty cartoon, medical marijuana should never smoked or given to a pet to get high.

sweet-serenity tincture for dogs cats


After five years of research, he’s put his knowledge into a new, little e-book Sweet Serenity: A Definitive Guide To Making Herbal Tinctures For Pets. Don’t let the discrete title confuse you, it is a step-by-step guide for making all herbal tinctures including medical marijuana. It’s nicely laid out with clear easy to understand instructions with diagrams. The e-book is available for sale online at VetGuru.

I would love to hear any feedback privately if you have used medical marijuana on your cat or dog.

Would you ever consider MM for your cat?

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  • Daniel S Lennox

    Hey guys have you ever tried cannabis as an alternative medicine for your sick dogs? I’ve heard that CBD Hemp is now a thing for dogs with arthritis, compromised immune systems, stress responses, aggression and digestive issues.Well they said it was pretty safe because of the low THC, CBD hemp won’t make your pupper high.I was reading some info here about CBD here in would very much appreciate any ideas and advice regarding on this issue on dogs using cannabis as an alternative herbal medicine. Thanks in advance to those who’ll answer.

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    We don’t see any difference in the drugs that are prescribed and used legally and MM for those animals or humans that truly need them because they are sick. I would most definitely make “special treats” for my babies if that would help them with illness or pain etc. I can see Izzy now tokin on a joint behind the shed…..MOL
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and The Feral Gang >^%^< (reefer tokin eyes MOL)

  • Blue Kitties

    We let our kitties have cat nip. I don’t know if MM would work similarly on them. When in college, my five-pound dog ate a baggy of grass. The person who is belonged to was pretty upset, and, of course, I feared for my little girl’s life. She got really loopy, but in the end showed no ill affects. As I have never tried it myself, even recreationally, I would want more scientific data that it would do them more good than harm before considering it.

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    doods…this makes sense act shoe a lee N we noe they haz tried this on peepulz with anorexia to get em ta eat; dunno why it wood knot work de same on pups N kittehs…catnip does…help stimulate de appetite ….peace out N rock on…~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Kathryn

    i can definitely see how MM can be helpful to a pet, for the same reason it is helpful to us. I don’t smoke or use pot (It is decriminalized in MA and we also have legalized MM in MA) but if I were so ill that I couldn’t work — I would definitely have pot brownies and such. I have well, ‘not inhaled,’ during my college days, which were in Montreal, but I get affected very easily. I don’t like my brain to be messed with. Sleep, exercise and sun make my brain very happy.

  • easy rider

    Mom’s BBF got MM while her Chemo – it was very helpful to ease the side effects. I’m not sure if MM for dogs or cats is allowed here, but I think it would make sense to use it.

  • Everycat

    This is very interesting. In the UK we don’t have the option of MM. It’s all illegal, and this impacts on many very sick people who could benefit from it. Even research is tightly controlled. There is one drug “Sativex” which is reluctantly supplied to people with MS but it bares little resemblance to MM. We’d be interested to learn how animals respond to MM.

  • Sparkle

    My human would totally consider this as an appetite stimulant for me, since I am picky to the point of having an eating disorder and nothing in traditional medicine has helped me much. Although I am healthy and my blood work is good, I am chronically underweight and no one has been able to figure out why. And while she thinks an awful lot of folks use MM as an excuse to get high (we have a number of these shops in the neighborhood and there cannot be that many sick 20-something guys who look totally healthy), she does believe it has lots of medicinal value for those who are legitimately in need.

    I actually won some of this doctor’s strips – the ones for nausea – and my human has given them to me when I’ve vomited (as most cats do on occasion). She can’t tell for sure, but she thinks I feel better faster when she gives them to me. I do HATE them, though – she has to shove them in my mouth to make me take them, pretty much the same way she would pill me!

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