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Valentine Purrs of True Kitty Love.

If you missed our ahem, unusual Valentine’s Day cards this week, enjoy the love right meow.

Instead of our usual vintage flare, today our love is contemporary but still unique. The kitty Valentine cards are freshly designed by Layla with love and extra purrs of devotion to you dear reader.

But first the sweetest video of kitty love. I went hunting on Youtube and the usual cute cat videos with millions of views popped up as popular videos do while videos with few views get no love. I did a search for something new that hardly anyone has seen and found this. Cute cats Kwazi and Uli have been cuddling together since 2013! If you love it, share it and maybe give a thumps up and their YouTube page.

Yup, we loaf you too!

It’s not black or white when choosing to adopt a cat. All colors are are divine and purrfectly fine. Yes, this why we’re a little biased about black cats though 😉


Life is messy and often less than pristine but true love shines through. I wanted to show that with by smudging a heart with a paw mark. It didn’t turn out perfect but I kind of like it. Do you?


I hope your Valentine’s Day is pretty in pink, black or rainbow-hued.
May you be showered with love of the furry or any other kind.
Love xo,



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  1. So sweet! Thank you for the Valentines!

    1. Much love to you Cindy xo

  2. Beautiful cats. All cats can be my Valetine.

    1. Sounds good to me. Great to see you!

  3. Love your fun and original “purrs” on Valentine’s Day. Sending you loads of love and hugs.

    1. Much love and purrs to you Jacque xo

  4. Oh, What sweet cards to help us catabrate this spawsial day!


    1. Much love to you and yours dear Pipo xo

  5. Happy Valentine;s Day! XO

    1. Thanks and lots of love to you and the kitties xox

  6. More cutie patooties fur sure!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you out there and may each kitty find there heart’s true connection.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the angels >^..^^..^<~

    1. That’s a wonderful wish. If even a tiny it came true, what a difference it would make xoxo

  7. ohhhh, I love the two cuddlers so much…….

    Thank you, dearest Laylay <3 <3 <3

    For this most loverly cat=entine day

    I hope your day tomorrow is just as loving as this post of yours, and the kitties.

    1. Layla

      Typo.. Please excuse….

    2. Aren’t they the cutest? It reminds me of the old days with Merlin and Coco. Much love to you and Ched xo

  8. What sweet furry valentines!

    1. Thanks and purrs dears for a happy V Day xo

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