New Holiday Hazards Cats Infographic

We’re excited to share our New Holiday Hazards For Cats Infographic.

If you’re as wildly busy as us, you have about a minute to spend at most blogs, more or less. That’s the reality of life these days but important info about our favorite subject: cats, must get out there.  Do you have time to read long posts? How long is too long? Please share our mini version (at the end of the post) or longer one which includes fire hazards, toxic plants and chemicals.

Our cats loathe being dressed up in any holiday finery for more than a minute. Tiny Santa hats are tempting though. Will you be dressing up your cats this year? If you have a suggestion to add to the infographic, please leave it in the comments. Check out our detailed post about the #1 hazard especially if you celebrate Hanukkah.

holiday_hazards_catscat wisdom 101 holiday cat hazards infographic


17 thoughts on “New Holiday Hazards Cats Infographic”

  1. Thank you for the very informational post. We think these types of info graphic attracts people to read them.
    We try very hard to be sure the crew doesn’t get into any of these things!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  2. A most excellent article. I was aware of almost all of the dangers but a few were new to me and I am most grateful as I am sure everyone else is. Thank you so much.

  3. Great infographic. When I didn’t know better, we put out Christmas tree and Goro chewed off the cord. Now we have cord protector all over the house! No dressing up for kitties here, but I will try to take photos of them with Christmass stuff 🙂

  4. Such GREAT advice.

    Mao loves onion skin — I make sure none of it falls on the floor for him to eat, because I know onions are toxic. It’s only the crispy outside brown skin he eats. But still.

    Mao ate most of an entire poinsettia when he was two. Didn’t hurt him a bit. When people bring flowers, I toss the lilies, babies breath, and just about everything else. And the rest I put deep in the sink with wet sponges around the sink.

    My son bought lovely Gerbera daisies for Mother’s Day. He had checked with daughter via phone which plants were safe and which were not.

    Mao not only ate the Gerbera daisies, but the stems. And chewed a fair bit of the soil in the pot, too..

    He’s none the worse for wear. Still a lovable boy. Still odd.

  5. I hope all people have an eye on their sweet and spicy snacks… the best is to eat them immediately before a furfriend is in danger… and I hope all will be careful with fireworks and rockets…

  6. Mom and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS!! If it is ok, Mom is going to Cleveland next weekend and is asking me to post this on our blog, Friday, December 11th…..OF COURSE we are linking to YOU……and mentioned your name too!!! If that is not ok, please let us know, Love Cody and Mom

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