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Thanksgiving Purrs of Gratitude When Life Sucks

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It’s easy to feel grateful when life is going well, but what about feeling gratitude when life sucks?

During challenging time, it can be tough to feel thankful, especially on Thanksgiving. But even in the darkest times gratitude can be nurtured, allowing us to connect with something deeper beyond our circumstances.
Here’s a simple guide to cultivate gratitude when it seems elusive, but first a personal story.

Yesterday, on a cold, dark and stormy night, traffic in Manhattan nothing moved except blaring horns and tempers. I was feeling carsick with vertigo in the Uber, exhausted from insomnia since new cat Otto arrived, saddened with the news that my oldest friend since age 5, a breast cancer warrior is in palliative care, and a bunch of other stuff you don’t want to know. Oh, and weird new formatting spacing issues. And I’m supposed to write about gratitude?


thanksgiving gratitude when life sucks
This is OTRB Merlin and Domino. I miss them but grateful for sharing their lives with me.


I must admit I felt grateful getting home in one piece. Our driver stayed calm during the awful, long drive home. Home, safe and comfortable, unlike millions of others around the world.

I poured myself a glass of wine, swapped the filthy city vibe clothes for cozy jammies and nestled under a blankie on the sofa. Best of all? Otto was so happy to see me swishing his tail and head bonking me. Ah, little whiffs of gratitude opens in my heart. Okay, I can do this. Gratitude is like riding a bicycle. Once you’ve felt it you can ride that feeling again.

As I searched old Thanksgiving posts, gratitude welled up in me. Oh, my cat ears, there’s some good stuff I’d forgotten about like Cats Talking Turkey On Thanksgiving

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Search Gratitude or Thanksgiving and more will pop up!




Here are ways to cultivate gratitude, even life sucks and there doesn’t seem to be anything to be thankful for:
1. *Embrace the Gift of Perspective:* Shift your lens of perception. In the depths of despair, find solace in the simple yet profound blessings that often go unnoticed—the gift of breath, the beat of a heart, the warmth of the sun. Understand that gratitude doesn’t always arise from abundance but can sprout from acknowledging life’s simplest treasures. Hello, cats!
thanksgiving gratitude

2. *Practice Mindful Awareness:* Engage in mindfulness practices to anchor yourself in the present moment breath by breath. Oh, I’m actually breathing. Oh, I’m alive. Observe the flow of thoughts and emotions without judgment. Through mindfulness, you can unearth moments of stillness amidst chaos, where gratitude for the present moment can blossom. When thoughts arise that make you feel worse, swat them away like a fly and return to the present moment and breath.

3. *Reflect on Resilience:* Consider the resilience within you. Damn, we are all survivors of something. Reflect upon past challenges and adversities you’ve overcome. Recognize the strength and fortitude that resides within, allowing gratitude to surface for your resilience and perseverance.

4. *Seek the Silver Linings:* Despite the darkest clouds, there might be silver linings awaiting discovery. They can be tiny like a friendly driver. Look for lessons hidden within adversity, moments of growth, or opportunities for empathy and compassion. Even amidst struggles, there might be unexpected blessings or connections waiting to be acknowledged.

5. *Connect with Others:* Share your experiences with trusted friends, family, or spiritual mentors. I’m doing that with you right now. Opening up can help lighten the burden and allow others to offer support and alternative perspectives, fostering gratitude for the presence of loving souls in your life. Humor goes a long way too. And as the holiday season kicks into high gear, it’s okay to say no.

cat paws reach out and touch someone

6. **Gratitude Practice Rituals:** Establish rituals that cultivate gratitude. Self-care for me a big one. It’s whatever brings you joy. Walking in nature. Noticing the wildlife and trees. Cooking a delicious meal. The classic is keeping a gratitude journal, where each day you jot down even the smallest moments of joy or instances of resilience. I go on and off that practice but always to something like I like picking a tarot or oracle card. Lighting candles is so nice as the days get shorter. Incense and smudging the ick energy way is great way to access thankfulness before any prayers, affirmations, or meditation focused on gratitude, invoking a sense of spiritual connection.

7. **Serve Others:** Channel your energy towards serving others, even in small ways. Volunteer, lend an empathetic ear, or extend kindness to someone in need. By contributing positively to another’s life, you might find a deeper sense of purpose and gratitude.
thankful gratitude_cat quote

Remember, gratitude doesn’t deny the existence of challenges; rather, it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit to find light amidst darkness. It’s a spiritual practice that transcends circumstances, grounding us in humility, acceptance, and the interconnectedness of all.
This Thanksgiving, storms or no storms, may you uncover the seeds of gratitude that lie within. Stay curious as a cat. Allow the seeds to bloom and illuminate the path ahead, guiding you toward peace, resilience, and a deeper spiritual connection.
With purrs of gratitude for you!
Layla, Odin and Otto & the many Angels
P.S. On a practical note, please keep your cats safe.Can Cats Eat Turkey &Thanksgiving Gratitude

I think Odin is beginning to be to be grateful for his new pal, Otto.

thanksgiving cat


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