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Crazy Cat Person Caturday

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Happy Crazy Cat Person Caturday! We have only good news today. Our favorite video this week is from our friends Cole and Marmalade. 10 Signs You’re A Crazy Cat Person is hysterical because it’s painfully true. I can relate to all 10 and can probably add another 10! How about you?

Odin our #1 products tester is pretty spoiled from the tons of free cat products but one delivery this week was a huge wow. Yes, we got the new, telescoping wand toy, the BIRBUG from NekoChan the makers of our favorite wand toy Neko Flies and our foster cat (and Odin’s) favorite snooze spot, the Neko Nappers. The Birbug could have been the best thing ever but Odin, like all cats liked the box in came in. A proper testing and review is in the works. Check out the maestro in action in our testing room.

We’d really like to see Marmalade win the Star Cat contest for a chance to be on the cover of Modern Cat. Go see the top contenders and VOTE here. Marmalade is in third place. He successfully battled cancer recently and now is fighting for the #1 spot currently held by one-eyed Joe, a cat shot by a pellet gun. For the latest news and updates visit the Cole and Marmalade Facebook page. If you’re #50,000, I’ll make sure you get a prize.

We’re pleased and purring to be presenting at BlogPaws again. This year the blogging and social media conference is in Nashville. I’ve never been there. If you have any tips, let me know. AND if you’re thinking of attending, please use our discount code for 10% off. CODE BP15-Speaker-10off. Click on the badge link.
I'm Speaking at BlogPaws 2015! Let's meet there!


If you missed any of our posts this week, you may want to check out our feel good foster cat update. And yes, there are more mysterious angel? orbs in the video. Foster Cat Forum.

foster cat-new rochelle humane society










Merlin waxed poetic about how to introduce cats on Mondays with Merlin. Sound advice regardless of species.

Mondays with merlin cats

Today is the last day to enter our giveaway for the very cute cat book Hissy Fitz. To enter: simply leave a comment at the our giveaway post

Hissy Fitz book giveaway


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