Six Natural Ways To Help Your Cat Live Longer

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We have another gift for you dear reader. One of our favorite websites for natural cat care The Natural Cat Care Blog is a labor of love by nutritionist and cat care investigative reporter Liz Eastwood. Liz has written a well researched, clearly written treasure trove of information available in a E- book.

No matter what age your cat is, you’ll find something of value to increase their  longevity. Liz believes there will come a time when most cats can and will routinely reach age 20+. Find out how your cat can live longer, in six easy to implement ways.

The instant free download (48 hours only) is our gift to you. Just click on the pdf below.

Liz Eastwood interviews Layla Morgan Wilde

13 thoughts on “Six Natural Ways To Help Your Cat Live Longer”

  1. Thanks so much! i didnt really know who you were but now IM A FAN:D My familys cats maranda (4) zoe(3) and phoebe sue (2) Arent seinors but i figured i might as well start ahead of time to keep them happy healthy and furry! But just a QUESTION about food, i have been feeding my cats taste of the wild forever and wanted to know what everybody thinks about it and how healthy it is ? and this might sound strange but are there cat vitamans that disolve in water or are easy to give cats cuz i think we all know pills doesnt fly with a cat. But once again thanks alot!!!!!!:D

  2. What a kind and thoughtful gift. Thank you!

    My cats are all raw-fed. I lost one in the 2007 pet food poisoning, the pain and horror of which set me on a journey of nutritional learning that continues today. Nearly all my free time is dedicated to helping other cat owners increase the health and happiness of their beloved felines, primarily through improved nutrition (get rid of the kibble!).

    I expect this book will be a great source of interesting data.

    Thank you again!


  3. Yeah! Another way cool gift! Thanks so much Liz and Layla! Lots of purrs and kisses Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  4. That is such a nice gift. Can’t wait to read it. I have had many many cats live to be 18,19 and 20 living outside and on both dry food and canned food. Guess I was just lucky. Course the ones outside used to get their own raw meat that they caught.
    Thanks so much for the ebook. Happy Holidays.

  5. Wonderful give-away. The mom’s glad we’re on mostly canned food now (only 2 TBSP kibble a day, because we love it so much, especially Derry).

    And this one we could download! The mom couldn’t do the previous one as she doesn’t have a Kindle (or any e-reader). DUH.

  6. What a lovely “gift” and so much great information too! I’m all for anything that will allow me to have my furry babies around as long as possible.

    Pam (and Sam)

  7. Fabulous book! Emma Peel lived to be 20 and hated dry food, so she lived on 2 cans of wet food a day for 20 years, plus water. She did have lots of love, never a flea, always indoors, was never fat — and I did feed her cans of tuna from time to time. As a kitten before we adopted her, she was given hexachlorphine, which caused her to throw up hairballs life long, but she did live a good life.

    I always thought the wet food might have something to do with her longevity, because it was closer to prey than kibble ever would be.

    We do not allow smoke or bug spray in the house or yard. And my cleaners are pretty green. I will give them more wet food, though, and the baby food and luncheon meat, even though it is fatty, is people food, so it is purer than kibble.

    More pet grass on the Christmas list.

    1. Kathryn, sounds like you’re already doing all six!
      @Pam, purrs to you and Sam.
      @Fuzzy Tales, there were other links posted in a comment from the author but if you email me, I’ll send you a pdf.
      @ Brian, happy hump Wednesday!

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