Exclusive Caturday Dance Video & More!

It’s Caturday! After a crazy busy week we’re in the mood for dancing. If a certain four letter word makes you squirm, cover your ears before you click.

This is an outtake with Aasif Mandvi and the crew (cracking up) from The Daily Show With John Stewart filmed at our garden last year with Jackson Galaxy. The producer kindly gave me 20 minutes of amazing raw footage. In this clip, Aasif is asking me whether Odin is, well you’ll just have to listen. I decided the perfect song to add was this hit from Cee Lo Green because don’t we all feel like Odin sometimes?

We had way too much rain this week but we managed to frolic when the sun came out and the first roses bloomed.

june-roses-pink-garden-wisdomMerlin and I are spending quality time together, curled up in bed reading and snuggling until the wee hours appreciating every minute we have left which could be weeks or months but who’s counting? Summer is short. Joy is our mantra. Let’s enjoy! Keep your eyes peeled. There’s beauty everywhere.
june-cat-garden-gris gris-wisdom

There is endless fascination in the garden for cats. Gris Gris and Domino are seniors now and don’t do any serious hunting anymore. Lately they’re more interested keeping an eye on Merlin. And Odin’s favorite faux hunting move is one a ratting terrier would make: digging up dirt from a hole with both paws grabbing at imaginary occupants. Gotcha!


Domino is mellow with well-being and contentment.

june-cat-domino-garden-father's day

Merlin, Domino and Odin enjoying the garden.

June-cats-gardenThe entire fur gang would love you to vote for us, purrrty please? You can vote very day until June 26. We’d love our favorite shelter Brigid’s Crossing to win $10,000! You can vote in as many categories as you like. The votes all add up! Please vote here

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