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If It’s Saturday It Must Be Caturday Cats +

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

If we could we would be jumping up and down! If it’s Saturday, it must be Caturday. We’re excited to announce two giveaway winners and wait for it… the best new cat book we’ve read all year. Really! We can hardly wait to tell you but you’ll have stop by tomorrow for the review, exclusive author Q & A and a whopping five copies to giveaway.

Okay, winners…the winner of a designer cat litter box cover from Cali Cuvs is Kat & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde. The winner of a pair of pink Classy Cat Dishes is Amy Bealer. Congratulations to both of you. Look for an email from Layla [email protected].

How soon our cute kittens grow up! Odin, while never classically handsome has become an adult cat with cattitude. Maybe it’s the one eye and a nose full of dirt from snorfling for voles, but he’s not pretty. I don’t mind. The wild boy has lost much of his kittenish wild ways and spends more time snuggling with me. The only problem is Merlin who insists on being #1, 24/7.

When Odin wedges himself under my rib cage, purring up a storm, Merlin low growls basso profundo, sniffing and nipping at Odin’s ear. Poor Odin freezes in place enduring the indignity, until Merlin is satisfied that he isn’t the enemy and nestles next to him. My feeling is Odin is preparing for his role to take over when Merlin goes to the bridge. Meanwhile, I play mom, picking mud boogers out Odin’s nose and catering to Merlin’s whim de jour. It’s all good.


Odin and Gris Gris celebrate their second Gotcha Day on Tuesday. Just in case the hurricanes hits, and we’re MIA here’s a recent pic of Gris Gris catching a few rays and Zzzzs. He’s never been happier and like they say, you’ve come long way, baby! Of all our cats, Gris Gris has endured the longest hardship before being adopted by virtue of his age. He’s done his time. Ten years as basement cat plus one year at a shelter earns him some sunshine. At 14, he’s the provider of pure, quiet joy. Seeing his pointy chin and toothless grin brightens any day. I’m thrilled to finally see the six pound mass of sinew and zero fat gain a few ounces. He never strays far from the front door and loves the sun.

Gris Gris (formerly known as Shadow) Survivor. Inspiration. Joy.

gris gris-cat-quote-sun-shadow

Domino, is in fine form, albeit growing groundhog round in the belly. Like all cats he’s fluid sculpture. It’s hard to believe he was ever feral.


What keeps Merlin kicking are his daily walks in the garden. He’s growing more insistent, sniffing the scent of a new interloper in his domain. He may be blind but his sense of smell and direction are fine. I trail him a few feet away and he gets very annoyed if I don’t allow him to find his own way back. He relies on Yes, there might be a new feral. I haven’t seen one but hubby has, twice. All black. Never a dull moment. Cats coming and going. It’s never an accident but part of something greater than us, perhaps a feline Divine Plan.

if you don't know where you're going-quote- cats-road

We hope you keep on the road to your best happy self. Have an excellent weekend! Peace, love and purrs,

Layla, Merlin, Gris Gris, Domino and Odin


  • Savannah NanaMo

    changing of the guard is a hard assignment, but Odin is clearly up to it. Just a thought, not sure if you ever read my blog, but I post one cat interview a month…I interview cats about their rescue experience and I also do one dog. Would any of your cats be willing to do an interview with me? Just wanted to ask, paw pats Savannah

  • CATachresis

    ConCats to the winners 🙂

    Good to get the current state of play at chez cat wisdom! So you also have a Blackie coming to visit. I haven’t seen ours for a while, but I know Austin keeps vigil!!

  • Tamago

    Happy Caturday!! Gris Gris looks so happy in the full sunshine! Enjoy the sun, we hope sun is always shining for you and you always have sunshine in your heart!

  • Miriam Pia

    Cats!! During the past 6 months I have seen some incredible photos of cats in my Facebook news feed. Here, I see you are a cat specialist…Perhaps you are the woman destined to write the “Coffee table Cat Photo book” I have begun seeing in my mind. As I have neither a camera nor pet cats at this time, I don’t think I am the one for that job.

    I warmly invite you to yet another blog: mine:

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    To everything there is a season,to everything there is a reason.We are so glad that the weather has been kind to us so far and Merlin and Gris Gris have gotten to spend extra time in the garden and in the sun. The earth,sky,air and sun heal us in ways that nothing else can and we all know that touch is such a powerful thing.
    We are glad that time is good right now for you all. The “new one” is most likely there for a reason.They seem to appear when we need them even if we don’t fully understand that need.
    Congrats to Kat and the Horde and Amy onthere wins! We all need to purr really loud to try to push Sandy out to sea!
    Happy Booger Pickin Odin! Luvs and kittie kisses Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  • Da tabbies o trout towne

    Pleez two eggs cuze R spellin az we bee typin on a cell u lar deevice.
    😛 Stays safe odin N crew and we hope ewe all haza safe frum sandy week
    oh end.

  • Kathryn

    oh, Odin is so adorable and I always thought he is cute.

    Merlin is regal and gorgeous and handsome. He is like Sean Connery (minus all the women.)

    Dom Dom has this rakish, boyish way about him, like Russell Crowe.

    Odin is like Johnny Depp and Gris Gris is like Liam Neeson.

    On our front, Cheddar is like Jake Gyllenhaal (but rounder) and Mao is Will Smith, (but quieter).

    Hmm. My boys are American actors and of yours, only Johnny Depp is. J

      • Kathryn

        It was so much fun. I spent a long time looking through IMDB’s database of male movie stars. Kept writing and deleting. I’d see one guy and a cat face just appeared on his face, and then I knew.

        Your guys are so exotic.

      • Kathryn

        But of course, Johnny Depp isn’t all that American.

        Amazing how women of all ages just swoon over him. For me, it’s his wisecracking, his sensitivity and his pirate self.

  • Bermadette

    I love your Caturdays! From the snorfling and mug boogers to Gris Gris’s evolution and Domino’s deciding to be domesticated, it’s such a wonderful visual journey. My elders loved their daily walks at the end too. And I personally think Odin is quite handsome, I can feel his excitement in every photo. I do think you are right about the changing of the guard.

    • boomermuse

      Bernadette, thanks and you’re right about changing the guard. Odin is the only other one who snuggles with me since Domino strictly daddy’s boy and Gris Gris likes to sit a few feet away at all times.

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