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Santa Came Early!

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Flint River -Bonita treats-catwisdom
Santa came early this year and it has nothing to so with the photo.

All our cats eat a variety of treats every day. Gris Gris goes crazy for real fishy flakes of sun-dried bonita from Flint River Ranch Fish Flakes. They are 100% shaved Bonita fish harvested off the open waters of Japan, and naturally sun-dried to produce a very light and tasty snack. Bonita is the common name for a fish belonging to the tuna and mackerel family, and bonita flakes are often used in Japanese cooking. The low-fat and high protein (75%) flakes are as light and thin as rice paper with an alluring smell.

If your cat is ill or losing weight, add Bonita Flakes to their food to stimulate eating. The pieces can be broken into any size which makes them handy as training treats. Unlike other crunchy type treats, cats without teeth like Gris Gris can easily eat these.

Our big news is about Domino. I mentioned weeks ago about my secret Santa wish to have Domino sleep on our bed with the others. We’d made huge strides getting him indoors most nights. I felt confident when he began sleeping in an armchair in the cat room, then a chair in our bedroom. Step by slow step, he inched closer to the bed. One night he curled up underneath the step stool to the bed while I read in bed. I craned my neck to see him and smiled, communicating telepathically, you are welcome here, it’s safe and cozy. The next night, he hopped right into bed, snuggled in the duvet wedged between hubby and Merlin. He bestowed both of them with wet kisses and the air filled with thunderous purrs. This is a cat who never purred for years. Hubby and I glanced at each other afraid to breathe, incredulous. Gris Gris who often sleeps at my feet, edged his body closer to his pals. Odin surveyed the scene from the comfort of the heating pad by the window. Thank-you Santa!

I’d like to say, Domino adjusted to sleeping in bed but he hasn’t, yet. His adjustment from feral life zigs and zags. He demands to be outside all day and evening. He runs away when either of us asks him in despite the frosty air. Most nights he agrees to be caught and carried in at bedtime. He’s a work in progress but then again, aren’t we all?


  • Mary Matthews

    Layla, not that there was ever any doubt, but you’re definitely on the Nice List because Santa came early for you! With fun cats, every morning feels like Christmas morning! New Christmas Song: “Hark the Feral Angels Sing”

  • Kathy Thompson

    It is so wonderful to have snuggle kitties! Congrats to Dom on all of his progress but he will prob always have the urge to be out and about even on the coldest of nights…this coming from Skeeter who is neutered and about as far away from feral as you can be but some nights he just wants to be out. Purrs and kitty kisses Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  • Pam Kimmell

    Oh Layla, what a sweet early Santa present Domino gave you….and while it may be a while before it’s a regular thing, no doubt being with his brothers and his two favorite humans will go a LONG way to encouraging him to make your bed his. What a lovely story too…all things in their own time.

    Pam (and Sam)

    • boomermuse

      Pam, it was sweet while it lasted. He’s gone all schizo and refused to come in last night or even to eat indoors. This adjustment will take time.
      @Carolyn, we’re getting there. We need Austin to give him a pep talk!
      @Abby, slowly is right.
      @Chey & co. how large?
      @Marg, that’s amazing about your feral sleeping with you. It gives us hope.

  • Marg

    Yeah, Santa really did come visit you early. That is so wonderful that Dom got in the bed with you and the other kitties. Good for him. It is so exciting when that happens. Our Little Bit who was not only a feral but lived in the vets for many months is now sleeping with us. Good Boy Dom. We knew you could do it.

  • Fuzzy Tales

    Domino is making huge progress! Hurrah for him. 🙂

    The treats look yummy, though we don’t seem to know what to do with anything that isn’t a Temptation or kibble-like. We won’t eat soft treats or flake treats–they smell good, but we just don’t “get it.” LOL.

    • boomermuse

      Heidi, I’ll be posting more photos of him this week.
      @Brian, keep cheering so he does it again.
      @Fuzzy Tales, our others prefer the crunchy kind too. Go figure. Thankfully there is something for everyone.
      @Kathryn, your bed must be full! Apparently there is a link but in all things in life I believe in moderation. For a cat without URI issues, a little treat is different than a full can of tuna.
      @ Ingrid, it was an unexpected treat.

  • Kathryn

    Wow, such great progress from Domino. Yes, that telepathy really worked. Amazing. Our two boys barely leave us enough room in the queen size bed.

    Question: I had heard that fish can cause that urinary tract issue with neutered males, so we don’t feed our boys fish cat food or tuna fish. I wonder if my neighbor had told me wrong all these years (she had two males with the disease – one male they spent a lot of money and love trying to eradicate the disease, to no avail) or exactly what.

    The fish treats you have sure sound great for kitties.

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