How Not To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

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Good day, cat lover. It’s Mondays with Merlin and I’m Merlin your reluctant host today. It’s the holiday season and in the spirit of generosity some of us agree to do things we would rather not. We say yes when we want to say, NO! We do too much for too many and forget to take care of ourselves. There’s nothing generous or kind about that. Life isn’t about getting everything neatly tied into a bow. A bow can look pretty or it can strangle. The only reason I let Layla tie one on me was to illustrate the point. Trust me, it didn’t stay on long. I know how to say no loudly, and may I suggest you do the same this holiday season. More no, no, no equals more ho, ho, ho.

Love, Merlin

19 thoughts on “How Not To Get Into The Holiday Spirit”

  1. Our most shy and jumpy cat is black and white and adorably fluffy. I have repeatedly explained to him that a big red bow would be most complimentary to his good looks. Sadly, he continues to disagree with my fashion advice. His more agreeable orange brother will tolerate a bow briefly, but only until he can untie it with his teeth. There is no opportunity for photographic evidence. Merlin, you are a handsome and patient holiday participant!!

  2. Thank you Master Merlin for the very wise and timely advice! We began adhering to this philosophy several years ago and it has made for a much more enjoyable holiday season………besides we know that the Kittys are the only important ones to get presents for…winkwink….luvs to all Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  3. We’re definitely in the no no no camp 🙂 Personally I’m all for Bah Humbug 😉 Merlin you look satisfyingly grumpy. Can I be in your gang – and Austin too of course?

  4. Merlin
    We think you look very regal and festive.
    But we all understand your reason for wanting to just be furred!
    and not ribboned!! Hehehehe

  5. I agree about the bow issue. Those can be dangerous, if they catch on furniture. My little fur-baby tho, looks adorable in his holiday shirts and sweaters, and actually likes them, since they help him stay warm during the winter. He is an English short hair, with emphasis on the short hair… And with us living in Canada, he tends to get very cold at this time of year…

  6. Well Merlin, that is a mighty pretty bow but we hate wearing stuff. There are one or two of us that will do it willingly and so they get stuck doing all the modeling. The rest of us just say NO. Hope all of you have a great day.

  7. Oh yes, Merlin. We totally get it. Try living in a country where people celebrate so many festivals, officially…. Thank Cod my Mama’s not into this putting clothing items on kitties. We are meant to be..ehem…naked all the time. purrr…meow!

    1. MoMo, Merlin indulges me but only for five minutes.
      @Milo & Alfie, thanks
      @Angelina, we agree, naked is better.
      @Kitcaboodles, aw, thanks!
      @Fuzzy Tales, he’s a trooper
      @Brian, 🙂
      @Loki, thanks.

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