Healing Purrs Needed

This is not the post I expected to write today. The caption doesn’t fit.

Domino-formerly feral-second thought-LOL cat-cat wisdom 101

What I love about cat lovers in our community is the size of our hearts. Every day I’m awed and inspired by you dear reader, whether you are a cat blogger or simply love cats. Yesterday, I was so happy to share my good news about formerly feral Domino sleeping in our bed for the first time and then turning skittish. It’s a big adjustment to get used to the indoor life after seven years of being outdoors, but this afternoon I sensed something was wrong but brushed it aside. Later, no matter how hard we tried, he would not come in. When we returned from the movies, he was sitting in his nest on the porch with the heating pad on. One look and I knew.

“That’s it. He’s coming in. Open the door,” I said to hubby. Cats know what we’re thinking and before Domino could read my mind, I picked him up and whisked him indoors. We spotted blood on his leg and he limped out of view. It was the same leg where he suffered a severe abscess last summer. He allowed hubby to spritz on Vetericyn VF ( Veterinarian Formula )Wound & Infection Care spray on the leg. I’ll post an update later.

In the meantime, healing purrs are requested. Thank-you for being here.

44 thoughts on “Healing Purrs Needed”

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  3. Of course we will purr for sweet Domino! We hope it isn’t too serious, but he is in the right place. He couldn’t have a better home, unless he decided to become a tame kitty and enjoy ALL its benefits. He has had a hard life, it would be nice for him to settle down.

    1. Thanks Deb and Island Cats, Tamago, Lee, Tinch, Clooney Kaika, Kathy, Mary, Rumpy for your good wishes and healing purrs. Domino always responds quickly to antibiotics and is doing better.

  4. Be careful out there, Domino. There are all manner of critters that don’t much care that you’ve got a blog. Indeed, some just see you as lunch.

    Stay in the house where it is warm and dry and there’s always food available.

    Spoken from experience, Anne Bonny & Mary Read (previously The Two Black Kitties, before we came inside)

  5. We are sending HUGE PURRS,PRAYERS and KITTY KISSES to Dom. We hope he is better FAST! I know that you so want him to be a complete indoor snuggle cat but that may not be what Dom wants.We hope that he comes around to a new way of thinking. Skeeter came to me as a very tiny foundling and never lived as feral but he loves to be outside sometimes and he loves to hunt. He often times will stay out on the coldest of nights even with me calling him to come home till I’m blue in the face. He is also the King of abcesses most often the result of being scratched or bitten by prey. I have tried to make him a complete indoor kitty but he is completely miserable and cries constantly. I have had to come to terms with his personality and preferences tho I remain fearful when he is out.
    WE send our LOVE to all! Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  6. I’m sending healing purrs Domino’s way too! Maybe he’s like a kid who thinks it’s fun to put up a tent in the yard and camp out and that’s why he sleeps outside sometimes. The good news is that like a kid, he’ll grow out of that!

  7. All of us here are purring for you, Domino. Love and good wishes for a speedy recovery from Tinch, D-2, Jonquil, Emily and Dickon (the dog).

  8. Oh No! I’m so sorry to hear that. I have fingers, toes, paws, and eye crossed that this is nothing serious. Get better fast little one!

  9. Oh Domino! Get better quickly. I have my motor on so much the Woman is starting to think I like her. You wouldn’t want to contribute to that would you? Heal quickly!

  10. there are just waaaaaaay too many sick kitties in the Blog-o-sphere right now…I do not like this ONE BIT!

    Sending healing purrs and prayers to precious Domino…he is lucky to have you because you are so knowledgeable.

    (((((hugs))))) Feel free to email me if you need to!

  11. Healing purrs to Domino. He has made so much progress. I have loved this cat for along time and have been pulling for him. Originally I was a reader of Ingrid’s blog and got pulled over to first the boomermuse via Domino’s long distance relationship with Amber. Now I can not wait to see what your cats are up to everyday!

    1. Heather thank-you! You are one of the earliest fans of Domino and I appreciate it.
      @Team tabby, keep purring, thanks!
      @Caren, thank-you and I’ll be in touch.
      @FT, thanks!
      @Heidi, thanks, it is a trust issue. In the old days he would have hid out of sight.
      @Bernadette, I’m so grateful he’s indoors.
      @Marg, thanks we appreciate it.
      @Fern, thanks, I’ll be in touch.

  12. Oh Domino! Thank goodness you are more open to the humans now and you can get your leg medicated and seen by the vet. Be a good boy and let your family help you. I agree with what someone else posted, his safe place in his mind is now with his human family so this is a setback but he did come to you when he was hurt – that is a huge huge amount of trust and love from him.

  13. Oh no Dom, we sure hope it isn’t too serious. We are sending all kinds of strong purrs. We will cross our paws for ya too. Take care. Will be looking for an update.

  14. Poor baby! Hurricane and Fireball and I send our deepest purrs along with warm healing energy to Domino. It says a lot that he came home to you when he was hurt; the truly feral instinct is to go hide up somewhere safe until better. For Domino, that “somewhere safe” was you!

    1. Brian , thanks so much for getting the news out to the catblogosphere!
      The update on Domino. He sl There appears a small wound on his leg, the bleeding has stopped and he’s no longer limping. He let me pet him for a minute and do Reiki but wouldn’t let me examine the the leg properly He’s hiding at the moment but at least he’s indoors and we’ll have to figure out how to get the vet to examine him.
      Ingrid, thanks and he’s not going out on my watch 🙂
      @Pam and Sam, thanks so much.
      @Milo & Alfie, thank-you!!!
      @Carolyn, yes, he’s come a long way and none of ever know what path our cat will take.
      @Fisher, thanks for for good wishes.
      @Kitcaboodles, yes, it is a comfort thanks.
      @Angelina, wow purrs from all seven. I feel it!
      @Kathryn, we hear them , thanks!

  15. Layla, we are saddened to hear Domino is not well and all of us send purrs and love to him for a speedy recovery. We do know he could not have found a better family to care for his needs. Your friend, Fisher

  16. Oh Layla of course we will send our best healing purrs. If possible take comfort in the fact that even if Domino has his ‘feral’ moments, he knows where home is and he knows where to go when he needs help – that’s something that you have given him x

  17. oh no! I hope Domino will be alright!!!! Healing purrs from all 6 of us. Two are kitty boys who are purring extra loud for Dom Dom.

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