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Royal Cat Boutique Kitty Treadmill Giveaway

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

We’re purring to announce our Kitty Treadmill giveaway from the lovely folks at Royal Cat Boutique with three winners! They are a mom and pop and son firm from Philadelphia and everything is made by hand in the U.S.A.

Royal Cat Boutique Kitty Treadwell giveaway

All cats need places to scratch designed for that purpose, like a scratching board or post. Cat need to scratch. This is natural, necessary and non-negotiable.

  • It’s how cats help shed the dead outer layer of their claws. They still may need a trim but think of it as having a mani-pedi or filing our nails.
  • When scratching, cats leaves subtle traces on the scratched object from scent glands located on the paws pads near the claw. It’s a way scent mark territory “this is mine. I was here” and to communicate messages with other cats, a kind of feline email.
  • Scratching burns off excess energy with helps to de-stress.
  • Scratching is good exercise and simply fun.
  • If cat guardians don’t provide suitable scratching surfaces, they will scratch and damage furniture, drapes, carpet and other fixtures in the home. Some cats like to scratch on a flat surface while some prefer sitting or standing for vertical scratching. I’ve observed cats (mine and others) scratching behavior outdoors in nature for many years and discovered they enjoy a wide variety of angles and types of surfaces. The surface could be a fence post, tree trunk, fallen log, tree root or branch but it’s always something sturdy, stable and with a texture not too fine and not too rough.
  • If a cat can’t enjoy nature’s scratching posts, I prefer a scratching board or post of natural material like sisal to a synthetic fiber like like the many scratching posts or kitty condos made of carpet.
  • cat scratching tree post
  • The ultimate in feline enrichment decor. Multiple levels, open and hidden perches, escape routes and two, tall sisal pots.
    The ultimate in feline enrichment decor. Multiple levels, open and hidden perches, escape routes and two, tall sisal pots.

To satisfy all of a cat’s scratching preferences, I suggest having several scratching posts: one or two tall stationary ones, smaller horizontal ones and a portable one that can easily be moved from room to room or for travel, like the KITTY TREADMILL from Royal Cat Boutique.

We love how versatile the Kitty Treadmill is. Here are just a few ways we had fun experimenting with. If you have a cat who like loves scratching the side of a sofa, a carpeted bottom stair, spot on the rug or other unwanted area, place the Kitty Treadmill on the area. Sprinkle some catnip or treat to encourage welcome scratching. Until a new positive habit is formed, give praise and treat for every wanted behavior.

kitty treadmill giveaway

Three lucky Cat Wisdom 101 readers will a Kitty Treadmill in their choice of color.

kitty treadmill

To enter, simply leave a comment telling us which color Kitty Treadwell scratcher you’d like to win. This giveaway is on until 11:59 pm ET, Dec.2, 2014 and open to U.S. residents only. For additional chances to win, social media share and tell us in a separate comment where you shared. It’s not mandatory but Royal Cat Boutique is new to social media and would appreciate a like on their Facebook page.

FTC Disclaimer: We received a sample kitty treadmill and a fee for conducting this giveaway which in no way influenced our opinion. We only share information we feel is of value to our readers.


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