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The Remedy For Feline & Human Stress

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The holiday season is upon us and if you’re feeling ho, ho, NO, let me share my secret stress stopper. For over twenty years, I’ve relied on Rescue Remedy, the #1 natural stress reliever recommended by veterinarians since the 1930s It’s made up of five flower and plant essences developed by Dr. Edward Bach in England. There are 38 homeopathic Bach Remedies proven that can help manage the emotional demands of everyday life but the easiest way is to use Rescue Rescue. I sip water with a few drops added. The cats have it in their drinking water. Originally the remedy used alcohol as a preservative but there is an alcohol-free version as well.

Last summer, I embarked on a botanical journey in the spirit of Dr. Bach. He left his successful medical practice to move to the countryside and explore the healing properties of plants and spent the rest of his life developing his healing essences. Over twenty year ago, I studied the Bach remedies but switched to aromatherapy which I taught for many years. For the past twelve years I’ve cultivated an entirely organic and wild garden but never felt the desire to create flower essences, until this year.

As many of you know, my cats and I spend time in the garden daily. All summer, I gradually began to choose specimens to pick according to moon phases and planetary hours. Guided by intuition, I sensed which plants wanted to be picked. The intention was their willing sacrifice to help heal another species, cats and humans! Every single flower was asked before being gently plucked. If there was any resistance, I moved on. The plant material was placed in clean, glass bowls of water and soaked in the sun for specific periods. I’d photograph the plant specimen or flower before picking and after the sun “bathing”. Before filtering and bottling I’d sit on the ground and do Reiki to infuse an extra dose of healing energy. It’s a labor of love with much experimentation and learning to speak their “language”. For now I have 28 varieties of essences to teach me. They aren’t for sale, but when they it feels right, I’ll share more about the experience and experiments.

To learn more about flowers essences there are free downloads of Dr.Bach’s fascinating books.

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