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Pet Protection Spells For Cats and Dogs

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Pet Protection Spells, Prayers and Blessings for cats and dogs is drawn from my 30+ years experience as a Wiccan and shamanic practitioner. Cats and dogs have safely served as familiars for thousands of years but please use your common sense around candles, herbs and magical tools.

I’ve included Wiccan, Pagan and Christian spells, prayers and/or blessings for inclusivity. Faith and intention unites them all as does trusting your intuition.

As much as I find value in AI generated art, I end up heavily editing and playing with them to suit my purposes. All my years of photo editing experience is becoming useful. And I love making video collages from scratch and have included two.

candle spells for cats

  1. Candle spell: This spell involves using a candle to protect your pet from negative energies. You can carve your pet’s name and protective runes or symbols into the candle and anoint it with protection oil. Plain olive oil will work. It’s all about intention. You can add a few drops of lavender, patchouli or cinnamon too. Hand write a petition prayer or print out one posted here. Fold it up and place it under the candle.The candle can be a small votive or a taper. Smaller is better unless you want to do a multi-day spell with a larger pillar type candle.

    Light the candle and concentrate on protective energy flowing into your pet for a few minutes.

    Allow the candle to burn down completely, then take any remaining candle bits and paper outside and dispose of it safely. If you have a garden, bury it in the ground or place in a flowing river or stream if there is one nearby. If you don’t have a garden, ask a friend for permission to use theirs or you can bury in a large house plant or at nature reserve. DO NOT throw it in the garbage.


spell jar fro protection

  1. Spell jar: You can create a spell jar to protect your pet from negative energies. Fill a jar with Himalayan pink salt and add herbs such as rosemary, cloves, cinnamon, sage or catnip. Add a rolled up photo tied with red ribbon or a bit of fur of your pet to the jar. Repeat the spell of protection and seal the jar tightly saying, as I will it, so it is.


pet protection blessing Assisi


  1. Saint Francis of Assisi spell: Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of the environment and animals. You can use his image in a spell to protect your pet. Light a beeswax candle on your altar and place a photo of your pet between the candle and a glass of water. Chant a short version: Saint Francis, protector of all animals, watch over my pet (name) and keep them safe from harm.

A longer prayer is the Franciscan Blessing For All Animals

“Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures. You called forth fish in the sea, birds in the air and animals on the land. You inspired Saint Francis to call all of them his brothers and sisters. We ask you to bless this pet. By the power of your love, enable it to live according to your plan. May we always praise you for all your beauty in creation. Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures! Amen.”


Remember that these spells are not a substitute for proper care and attention to your pet’s needs. They are simply a way to add an extra layer of protection and positive energy to your pet’s life. DO NOT leave burning candles unattended.


Protection spells for cats

pet protection spells


“To the spirits of the earth and sky,
I call upon you to hear my cry.
Watch over this cat, so dear to me,
Keep them safe and wild and free.
Bless them with health, protection, and grace,
In your care, let them find their rightful place.”


This is the fun video collage version.


I made a couple video collages but the wording was hard to read and the dog one so here’s the graphic alone.

dog protection spell

And here’s another one for dogs:

“Spirit of strength and loyal friend,
Protect this dog until the end.
Guide them through each passing day,
Keep harm and danger far away.
Grant them joy, health, and love untold,
In your care, may they never grow old.”


Remember, these blessings are inspired by different spiritual beliefs and can be adapted or personalized as per individual preferences.

dog protection spell

Some other helpful suggestions:
Incorporate Sound: Some traditions believe in the power of sound vibrations for protection. You can use a singing bowl, chimes, or bells during the blessing ritual to amplify positive energies and create a protective resonance around your pet.
Herbal Infusion: Create a protective herbal spray or infusion to lightly mist your pet’s collar or bedding. Mix distilled water with a few drops of essential oils known for their protective properties, such as lavender, frankincense, or cedarwood. Safer still are hydrosols. I keep a bottle or organic rose water handy and the cats love it for clearing the energy field.
Pet Affirmations or Mantras: Write down affirmations or positive statements for your pet’s well-being. You can recite these affirmations or mantras daily while focusing on your pet, reinforcing the intention of protection and happiness.
Intentional Touch: While performing the blessing, gently touch your pet, transferring your positive energy and intentions for protection. This physical connection can deepen the bond and reinforce the protective blessing.
Remember, these creative additions are meant to personalize and enrich the blessing ritual for your pets. Feel free to incorporate any practices that resonate with you and align with your beliefs, making the experience special for both you and your beloved furry friend.

To perform the blessing and add protection amulets to their collar, follow these steps:

Materials needed:

• A small pouch or amulet
• Protective stones or herbs (like black tourmaline, obsidian, or rosemary)
• A collar or a small tag that can hold the amulet

pet protection-crystals-collar-cat
My OTRB cat Merlin with amulets


Steps for blessing and protection pet collars and amulets:

Customized Collar Tag: Create a personalized collar tag or engrave the amulet with symbols or words that represent protection, luck, or well-being. This could include symbols from different cultures or spiritual traditions that resonate with you and your pet’s energy.

1. Prepare the amulet:

• Choose a small pouch or amulet that can be easily attached to the pet’s collar or used as a tag.
• Fill it with protective items such as black tourmaline or obsidian crystals, or dried herbs like rosemary or sage. These are believed to have protective properties.

2. Cleansing ritual:

Moonlight Charging: After performing the blessing ritual, leave the amulet or the pet’s collar under the moonlight overnight. The full moon can cleanse and charge objects with positive energy, adding an extra layer of protection.

• Before starting the blessing, cleanse the amulet by passing it through the smoke of a purifying herb like sage or palo santo. This helps remove any negative energies.

3. Blessing ritual:

• Find a quiet and peaceful space where you and your pet feel comfortable.
• Hold the amulet in your hands and close your eyes. Focus on your pet and visualize a protective shield surrounding them.
• Recite the blessing for cats or dogs (mentioned earlier) or create your own, invoking the spirits or powers you believe in. Ask for protection, health, and well-being for your pet.
• As you say the blessing, infuse the amulet with your intention for protection and safety for your pet.

4. Attach the amulet to the collar:

• Once the amulet is charged with your intentions and the blessing, carefully attach it to your pet’s collar or use it as a tag. Ensure it’s secure and won’t cause any discomfort.

5. Regular check-ins:

• Periodically check the amulet and recharge it with your intentions. You might want to repeat the blessing ritual during significant times or if you feel your pet needs extra protection.

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Pet Protection Spells

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