Peace of Mind:Lost & Found – FurCodes Giveaway

We have an amazing giveaway today for five lucky winners. This is a QR code Furcode-Q R code-cat wisdom 101.comand they’re popping up everywhere from business cards, magazines and our new favorite, pet ID tags from FurCodes.

Welcome to the future. QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are barcodes that can be easily scanned using any smart phone. The QR Code will then be converted (called “dequrified”) into a piece of interactive text and/or link. The QR Code above is for Cat Wisdom 101.

Ever since Odin, our one-eyed boy met the love of his life, Mystery Miss, we decided having a micro-chip was not enough ID. Odin is trained to come when called but we weren’t taking any chances with a fool in love. We attached a FurCodes ID to a cool breakaway collar

FurCode-Tags-QR Code- cat wisdom 101

just in case he followed Mystery Miss home. Mystery Miss wears a collar with no ID and we have no idea if she’s micro-chipped. Their celebrated romance was featured at the New York Post but we’re no closer to finding out where she lives. furcode-cats-mystery miss-odin-cat wisdom 101

FurCodes tags for cat or dogs are super strong laser-etched aluminum and guaranteed for life. They contain as little or much information you’d like someone scanning your lost pet to have.

Have a micro-chipped indoor cat and think you don’t need visible ID? Think again. I had a client taking their indoor cat to the vet when the cat escaped from the carrier in a parking lot. The cat had no visible ID and this time the cat got lucky and was found. I highly recommend having visible ID for any cat traveling, boarding or on vet visits. FurCodes replacements are free and include free shipping globally.

Odin, with bad case of spring fever roamed through thick underbrush on our property recently and lost both his collar and Furcode. furcodes-cats-cat wisdom 101-odin-merlin

Ironically, at the same time, the lovely people at FurCodes reached to us offering to do a giveaway. I told Julie at what happened and she said she’d ship a new one out immediately and in any color I’d like. Ah, good service. Gotta love it. We’re going with purple this time.

Losing a beloved pet is every pet parents’ worse nightmare. We’re offering peace of mind for five winners. Simply leave a comment to be eligible to win. For extra chances to win, subscribe Cat Wisdom 101, Tweet, Like” this post, share on Facebook, PIN it etc. Winners will be announced next Wednesday when we also announce to winner of our UV Light water fountain. Want to order a FurCode or find out about their new products? Visit them at

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