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Odin the One-Eyed Cat aka Odie Winker

Male: neutered

Breed: gray/white short hair tabby

Birthday: June 1, 2010.
Born: Bronx, N.Y.
Weight: 12 pounds of pure muscle
Sign: Gemini.
Occupation: CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) and official cat product tester at Cat Wisdom 101
Religion: Jewish (does not keep Kosher)
Interests: Everything, especially tree-climbing, hunting and fishing, treats, going for walks with mom Layla, flying insects, treats, digging and fertilizing the garden, shit disturbing, catnip, cheese, treats, general buffoonery, watching and appearing on television, advocating for special needs cats, treats.
Dislikes: Nothing
Favorite quote: Wise men learn more from fools than fools from the wise.
~Cato the Elder.

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