Odin & Special Needs Cats Spotlight

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Odin is thrilled to be in the spotlight any day but today he’s interviewed at CatInTheFridge by his special needs kitty friend Crepes. Odin only has one eye. Crepes only has three feet but neither feels out-of-place. Special needs cats are simply special. Crepes also stars in Catalogue, a semi-finalist in the CatDance Festival. See her very funny video here. It’s currently in third place. Friday is the last day to vote, so let’s vote for special needs cats!

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Kelly Ann T, JansFunnyFarm, Connie Marie, Sylvia Sanders and TJ Bennett

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24 thoughts on “Odin & Special Needs Cats Spotlight

  1. Wes went and voted for Odin, me can only votes for him every second day and Wes going to puts his picture on our blog too, the next time we posts.
    me thinks Odin is furry handsome. My hair slobbery sister Bob has just one eye too, she may yet loose the other one to glaucoma too. Me has bad arthritis from injuries from when me was young and me hates the cold more and more each winter. But us cats and dogs lives in the moment, so it does not get us down.

  2. Gotta read innerview. I’m a special needs cat too. I bite and attack and would probably be put to sleep at any shelter since I’m less adoptable. I have separation anxiety so the peeps think I was returned to the shelter at least once.

  3. Oh Odin you are the best for putting out the word for special needs kitties. You are truly the love of my life!
    Concats to the winners too!
    All cats are special needs …..they have a special need to be loved!
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  4. odin, grate interviews buddy N frank lee knot onlee due we think ya iz sexy, we never noe tissed ya hada eye missin….we haz note tissed sum timez ya look kinda leen…but a few cases oh trout will fix that rite up !

  5. Odin, you are a STARR on my eyes. Love that green eye of yours and your coloring is the Best. If you don’t mind being called a Cow. I had a one eyed black long haired cat named Shadow and a big buff male named Snyder.
    Like you, they are very special, but I never thought special needs cause all of you seemed normal. That’s a good thing!
    Now I’m off to read your interview, kinds jumped the gun on comments

  6. Concats to the winners.
    Cats adapt so well to their disabilities. I had a cat that had an ulcer on an eye that burst. The vet performed a skin graft using the third eyelid. He said that it would probably happen to her other eye at some stage as it was a genetic fault. We put drops in daily in the hope it wouldn’t happen, but sure enough the same thing happened a year later. He did a successful skin graft on that eye also. Even though it left her with peripheral vision, she was still a champion mouser.
    We are lucky that our vet specialises in intricate eye surgery and clients from all over the SW of England get referred to him.

  7. I loved that video, Catalog.

    Our doggie had four legs – Rochelle – a Lakeland terrier we bought from a breeder in Winnipeg? That doesn’t make sense, but anyway, one day, some animal got in a fight with her in the convent – you kow, the one near Decarie – that was our backyard, basically on Victoria, and Rochelle had to have stitches. She hobbled on three legs just fine, and when the stitches were off, she still hobbled, at first because she was used to it and then because it was fun, – finally, to get more sympathy.

    Sorry to bring a goggie onto a cat blog!

    Animals don’t have the self-conscious shame that we hoomans do. They are themselves.

    I think specialness is beautiful.

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