News & Mews:Look Who Came To Visit!

Happy Caturday, cat lovers! Let’s start the weekend off with the first step…

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News & Mews

  • We are pleased to announce the winner of our BIG giveaway is ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥. Concatulations! Please look for an email from Layla.
  • The deadline for tomorrow’s fab giveaway is tonight at 11:59 pm ET. The winner will be announced tomorrow and receive the prize in time for Mother’s Day.
  • We’re celebrating Domino’s birthday on May 1 and you’re invited! There will be a giveaway and treats.  Domino will be turning eight but given his feral history we can’t be certain of his exact date of birth. I choose May 1 because he fits the astrological description of a Taurus to a “T” (Watch for our feline Astrology report for Taurus next week) and the #1 for the independence and pioneering spirit of the number one in numerology. May is is also May Day or Beltane, the Celtic festival celebrating of death and rebirth when the flowering of spring is at its height.
  • Does you cat know well in advance when it’s time to go to the vet? Our vet, Dr. G who does our Vet 101 reader Q & A came for a visit yesterday to see Merlin and Gris Gris.  Merlin, who has bad cataracts and is nearly blind insisted on his daily stroll in the garden. I sometimes wonder what he sees. Dr. G. says he sees shadows and outline of objects, maybe like this…

vet-visit-merlin-cat wisdom101-art-feline

With Gris Gris, I try not to even think V E T or he’ll know. Look at those eyes. He knows something is up. Oh noes, not urinalysis!

vet-visit-gris gris-cat wisdom101

When the big white mobile clinic pulled up Odin was all ears…

vet-odin-mobile-clinic-cat wisdom 101

but somehow knew he was not on the list. Merlin, who has always been a good patient was more yowling and resistant. He’s lost a little more weight and kidney disease is slowly creeping its way in. Slow being the operative word. Siamese cats are notorious for stretching out the inevitable for a few years. Merlin will turn 18 this year and every extra month is golden.

vet-rich-goldstein-merlin-cat-catwisdom 101

Gris Gris has lost a few ounces and developed a small murmur which Dr. G. think might be linked to hyperthyroidism concurrent with kidney disease. We’ll have test results next week. Meanwhile he’s never looked or acted better or happier. BUT, big changes can happen very quickly with geriatric cats and vet check-ups two to fours times a year are recommended. We’re hugely grateful to our mobile vet which avoids the stress of travel to a clinic.

  • The simple truth is cats don’t live as long as we do.  By their shorter lifespan they teach us to celebrate life, right here right now. Enjoy your kitties and have a wonderful weekend!



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