Feline Fine Art

Feline Fine Art Friday

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

It’s National Hairball Awareness Day which is no joke. Some cats are more prone to hairballs depending on their coat, diet, general health and grooming. Indoor/outdoor cats will shed more as we head towards warmer summer weather. We usually do Friday Funnies but I thought we’d pay cats our respect today since they are forever teased and ridiculed in photos, cartoons and LOLs.

Cat maintain a quiet dignity despite being made fun of. They truly do provide a refuge from the storms of life and a soft, loving cushion of purring fur.

Cat-quote-comfort-refuge-life-art-domino-cat wisdom 101

Tomorrow is the deadline to submit your cat’s photo for Domino’s birthday May Day party on May 1. Email it to Layla or leave a comment if you’d like me to use a photo from your blog.


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