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Naughty or Nice Cat List

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Better sharpen your pencil and make your list. Some cats are naughty and some cats are nice. This was our week. Don’t be fooled by Odin and Domino hanging out on the porch on a warmish day. Odin didn’t stay long. Why sit on a fence when you can sit on a limb? He had mischief on his mind like a…

xmas-naughty-nice-cats-artxmas-odin-cat-cheshire- cat wisdom 101

Cheshire cat. Odin doesn’t just hang out for fun. This is how he waits for his new favorite fascination. Here he’s mad at me for ruining his chances at…

zen-cat-out on a limb-cat wisdom 101

squirrel hunting-cat-humor-cat wisdom 101

With no dead squirrels, there’s nothing left to do but harass Domino who looks on with a “what next”? expression.


Gris Gris, is less charitable and keeps a sharp eye out for the instigator. He continues to lends support whenever Merlin needs an extra pair of eyes. With the cooler weather, everyone is indoors more and that means a squirrelly Odin. That can only mean trouble. There’s never a dull moment here.

zen-cat-gris gris-cat wisdom 101

With no trees to climb there’s always the handy fireplace mantles to provide amusement and new words for The Night Before Christmas…

xmas-night before christmas-cats-funny-

Odin learned the difference between crystal balls and snow globes and…snow globe-crystal ball-funny-cat

xmas-crystal ball-cat-art-humor

All is forgiven when one is an artistic muse and happy events unfolded indoors. Domino continues to stay outdoors for most of the day and indoors all evening and night. As a formerly feral boy, he continues to love his double-decker box

teepee-cat-box-formerly feral

we love cat men- cats-cat wisdom 101

and best of love has really bonded with Merlin. With all the loving he’s received he’s now ready to share the love. Domino kisses, grooms and massages Merlin while sitting on dad’s lap. Merlin loves it and finds it a comfort after being on antibiotics and enduring a visit from our Vet 101 Dr. G. yesterday who to his horror removed blood and urine. Merlin a very vocal but good patient in Dr. Goldstein’s capable hands. Thank-you to Denise for her caring assistance. goldstein-mobile vet squad-merlin-cat wisdom 101

The good news is: the inflammation is reduced, Merlin is acting like his old self and we’re going to wait and see before doing any extractions. Dr. G. feels the risks outweighs to advantages. Merlin responds well to Clindamycin with Florentera, a probiotic and we’ll wait and see in the weeks to come is another course of antibiotics is needed. The test results are in on Monday and that will give another picture.As we near the holiday, I believe the best gift we can give our cats beyond catnip, toys or kitty condos is a vet wellness visit.

So, are your kitties naughty or nice?


  • Lesa

    My cat, Ceasar, has developed an urge to chew things — fingers, toes, pens, power cords, shoes, etc. If he wasn’t so cute, I think I’d kill him. Anyone have any ideas on how to stop the chewing? It’s driving us nuts.

  • Oui Oui

    The mom had a good laugh at your new words to the Night Before Christmas! Poor Odin sounds like he might be on the Naughty list. The mom has all of us on the Nice list cause she overlooks so much. She’d like to see Odin on the Nice list too.

  • Lynn Garrow

    Peaches is a meanie…but she’s old, so it’s okay.
    Monkey is trouble, but she’s a tortie, so it’s okay….plus she’s sweet.
    Shanks is a good boy, generally calm and laid back for a kitten, but he has his moments.
    Diva is brand spanking new…not even 8 weeks old, newly rescued last night….but she’s already proving herself to be a VERY bad girl! lol

  • Marg

    It warms my heart to see Dom in the house in his box and also taking care of Merlin. That is so great. We are all very nice around here. No naughtyness at all. Hope you have a great week end.

  • Pam Kimmell

    Wonderful blog today with lots of news. Happy to hear Merlin is responding and fingers (and paws) crossed he will be 100% well in time for Christmas and a visit from Santa Paws. Domino and Odin – what a pair they make. Lovely that Domino has taken to watching out for Merlin and of course Gris Gris overseeing the lot. Happy house, happy cats, life is good. Will be anxious for more “Merlin Reports” !

    Pam and Sam

  • Kathy Thompson

    Oh My! This story of two sides of Odin could be my Izzy! Too much indoor time and the CATastrophes begin! I am so very glad to hear that Master Merlin is feeling so much better and we continue to send kitty prayers and purrs for him. I am starting to think that maybe Domino has “come in” for more than just the human love and patience. I think that he maybe knows that the Master Wizard needs him now as a comforting companion and muse’s apprentice. As always purrs and prayers for all the little ones in need. Love Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

    • boomermuse

      Kathy, we appreciate your purrs and astute observations.
      @Deb, thanks, I has a good creative muse to inspire me!
      @Ingrid, there’s nothing breakable on the mantle and the crystal ball is way too heavy to move. Wow, thanks for your input about the blood draw.
      @Carolyn, thanks and the patience goes both ways.
      @Fuzzy Tales, purrs to all of you especially naughty Nicki.

  • Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

    We try to maintain a balance of naughty and nice each day, but sometimes the naughty has a slight edge – seven cats is A LOT of personality to manage!!

    Love the photo of Merlin and Dr. G. What a good boy he is and I hope all continues in this positive direction.

    My fireplace mantle has been bare for years… I will have to take Ingrid’s advice and buy a vat of museum putty so that I can put some of my cherished decorations back up!!

    Wonderful post and the pictures were extra creative and fun!!

  • Ingrid King

    Wow, what an update! As far as Odin’s top of the mantle escapades are concerned, I have two words for you: museum putty!
    Domino’s two-story condo is fabulous, the girls are jealous and want one, too. I’m happy to hear Merlin is on the mend, and I’m beyond impressed with how good a patient he is. In all my years in veterinary clinics, I’ve never seen a cat held like that for a blood draw. What a sweet boy he is.

  • Carolyn

    I’m loving how Domino is now part of the menage. After all that time! Patience pays off.

    I think Austin like most cats is very manipulative, so he can do both naughty and nice. It just depends on the desired outcome!

  • Fuzzy Tales

    At least it’s not dull at your house. LOL.

    We’re both naughty and nice, we have to confess. Okay, mostly it’s Nicki who’s naughty, though Derry can join in sometimes. 🙂

    Continued purrs to Merlin!

  • Kathryn

    God, this is such a classic caturday posting. Odin such an adorable mischief maker and Domino just loving Merlin and Gris Gris probably writing a long play soon to be turned into a musical about Cats. Not Cats but YOUR CATS.

    A great great blog today.

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