My Meezer Muse

This “Mondays with Merlin” is dedicated to my sister Coco who died last year on September 14. She was my best and only live-in feline friend for almost sixteen years. I guess you could call her my meezer muse. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, there are links to all the details surrounding her death and beautiful funeral. Death is an uncomfortable subject, but by talking about it, sharing stories and photos we learn and grow in our humanity. There will never be another Coco, but I’m grateful for my devoted friend Gris Gris. When I cry and carry on, he comes running. I get confused sometimes when I bump into things and he reassures me. It’s not the same as Coco but it is what it is.


I don’t understand why everyone thinks Ling Ling looks like Coco. Look at this collage. Can you tell who is who? I may be blind but I’m not stupid. Ling Ling doesn’t smell or sound like Coco but Layla was freaked out with the resemblance and their penchant for the same sunny spot on the stairs. My lesson this week is about being authentic. You were born an original. Stay original. Don’t be a copy cat.


7 thoughts on “My Meezer Muse”

  1. What a nice tribute to Coco. I can’t believe it has been a whole year. I remember that sad day. We sure don’t think Ling Ling looks like Coco. Hope all of you have a fun week and we know you will with Odin around. Take care.

  2. No matter how much we may be like those who came before (I am the second in a meezer line) meezers are always original. I am glad you have Gris Gris to reassure you. I think that is very important.

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