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Old Siamese On Hammock Dreams Of Love

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

It’s a special Labor Day edition of Mondays with Merlin. My favorite meezer is Nellie, an old, blind Siamese (like me!) and we won her “finish the sentence” contest. Check out her blog The Cats From Hell She shares the blog with two other cats and a dog in Canada but really gets around. I don’t think she’ll mind me saying she’s a flirt with a worldwide cast of admirers. And she’s an old gal of 17! Go Nellie! Older is better and I should know. Anyhoo, Nellie’s mom/slave/creativedirector made this sweet cartoon of me and my mom when she found out about our daily quest for Hammock Time.

Hammock time cat love
Cat + Human+ Hammock = Love

Merlin hammock catmom stress cure

Hammock time-relax quote

Now that it’s September and you know that’s followed by falling leaves, no leaves, then the dead of winter and maybe dead me. Sorry, but that’s the reality in my time/space continuum. So, Hammock Time with Layla is the best time and most cherished time ever. Even though she busier than a hive of bees, she takes the time to be with me. Sometimes she sneaks in work on a digital device as if I wouldn’t notice. Ha! When I’m annoyed enough, I crawl up to her chin so she can’t read and that’s that. We both hate cold weather and have often wondered why as hardy Canadians we dislike frozen water in any form. The only thing better than a summer hammock is a winter hammock somewhere warm with swaying palm trees and turquoise water. I can only dream about it now but dreams do come true when you wish and work hard enough.

Who knows, maybe I’ll find myself swaying in a hammock with Nellie one day. Oh what sweet bliss. Two skinny, old blind meezers entwined, basking in the warm sunshine singing Siamese love songs. Love doesn’t have to be romantic. Brotherly or sisterly love is just a sweet.

September is Pet Memorial Month and I’ll be taking the time to remember my feline family that have passed over to the great beyond. Losing any family member is devastating and difficult but it helps having friends who understand. I invite you to post any photos of your dearly departed kitties at our Cat Wisdom 101 Facebook page. I’ll make sure Layla shares all of them.

Today is quick stroll down memory lane with my OTRB bro Gris Gris. It would have been his 17th birthday this week but he died suddenly of an aneurysm almost two years ago. Talk about a Zen master. He was the wise, silent type rarely seeking attention or the limelight. He hated the cold like me and loved sunbathing in the garden where he took his seeing-eye cat duties seriously. If I wandered off towards the neighbor’s driveway, he’d herd me back to safety. We would often share the windowsill pillow, bed or porch chair and I miss him. Thank Bast for my only remaining true cat friend, Domino who took over Gris Gris’s herding duties and remains as loyal as a dog. The same cannot be said about Odin who is hit and miss in the friendship department. And Nou Nou, who Layla thought might be the reincarnation of Gris Gris (they are similar in many ways), finds my illness, blindness and demanding ways tiresome. Granted, sometimes she does jump up on the bed to sniff me out and say hi. She being a youngster wants to play but my days of silly games are over. I try not to judge. Friendships come in a many forms and no one, human or feline is purrfect.

gris gris-cat-quote-sun-shadow
The Late Great Shadow Cat Gris Gris


Merlin and Gris Gris cat friends quote
Good friends like Gris Gris always have your back.


summertime and the living is easy

cats-labor day

Until we meet again, I hope you enjoy many days of non-labor and hammock time (even if you don’t have one) ideally with a cat by your side.

Nose kisses and love,



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