A Cat’s Secret To Life

Happy Monday! Is it a good day? It depends on you. As an old meezer, I’ve seen good times and not so good times. I’ve found it useful not to focus on certain words like terrible, awful, horrible, crappy and so on. If you repeatedly say how awful you feel, how horrible your life is, it doesn’t help you feel any better. No matter how challenging your life is, you alone can choose how you feel about it. You may not have control over circumstances. Stuff happens but you always have choice how to react and consequently how you feel.



I could say all kinds of negative things about my life like: how awful it is to be old, blind and confused, but I don’t. I enjoy my walks, snuggling, clean linen, clean litter boxes and good food. Okay, I do complain a bit by yowling but that’s just to get attention. Mainly, I focus on the good and there’s more good than bad. It’s my choice to see life half full instead of half empty. If you don’t believe me, ask your cat. They’ll tell you the truth. Cat are pleasure seekers. That’s my sceret to life and I’m sticking to it!



Peace, love and purrs,


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26 thoughts on “A Cat’s Secret To Life”

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  4. Merlin….wisdom….nuff said. All our luvs and purrs Master Wizard and Wise Sage. Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  5. I love this post, Merlin. I think it’s going to be my catch phrase from now on, what you wrote. Life is not a bed of roses but it can still feel so good. When I see my cat, I feel more alive and relaxed too.

    Love this post!

    I’ll be back,

  6. Merlin we are so glad to see you every Monday. We remember a series of older kitties who a little confused and needed some help from us, but we learned so much from them. We know Odin is taking it in from you, and we wish you wonderful warm days, lots of naps, and a younger kitty to give you little infusions of new energy when you need it.

  7. I am really really thick, I know, but what is a meezer? Merlin, whatever you are, meezer or whatever, you are a very wise one! You made me go a bit leaky eyed! xox

  8. We’ve never met any meezers, are they all as wise as you? We told the Momma to read your post. Some times she can be a little whiny. We are going to put catnip in her pillow, maybe that would help?

  9. Wonderful advice, Merlin. Not always easy for us humans to remember, but you cats always do your best to remind us and keep us grounded.

    We are grateful you have so much good in your life and wish you many more days of peaceful comfort.

  10. That is such a good reminder about how to think. I know all that, but sometimes I do forget. But it’s so much better just to choose happiness no matter what the reality of your situation is. Thanks for reminding me!

  11. Merlin, you made my day! I know negative words don’t help me but I often forget about it. I should focus on more positive things. You are so wise and right..thank you for lightening up my Monday!

  12. Wonderful advice from a wise feline. Your recent posts about Merlin take me back to Buckley’s final weeks and months. It’s humbling how gracefully our feline friends handle aging and physical decline.

    1. Thought you would relate. We’re sharing many of the same experiences lately 🙂 Great minds think alike. Your post today on dementia is similar to one I posted a few months ago.

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