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Mondays With Merlin: Good Times, Bad Times, You Know I’ve Had My Share

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It’s Merlin here humming an old tune from Led Zeppelin about the ups and downs of life. For very old cats like me it’s more about quality of life. No, it’s not about silk cushions, caviar and endless catnip (although I wouldn’t mind). There is a quality of life checklist called Pawspice to help assess if it might be time for a gentle good-bye. Who are we kidding? It’s euthanasia we’re talking about. Yes, the peeps were so worried it might be time. When cats get sick, some things are obvious like hiding, limping and not eating or drinking but if you’re not sure, call a vet. Out vet says quality of life is determined when bad days outnumber good days. l’ve had some bad days lately and it was time another vet visit.

It’s okay for young healthy cats to see a vet once a year but older or ill cats may need visits 2, 3 or more visits a year.

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mobile vet squad-Rich Goldstein DVM


Our mobile vet, Dr. Rich Goldstein arrived in his clinic on wheels our on Thursday just to see me. Layla had wanted him to take a look at Nou Nou too but the slippery one escaped from hubby’s clutch and vanished. After Dr. G. left, the princess showed up on Layla’s desk all coy and innocent.

unny cat quotes vet books


















It would have made for funny slapstick video if the humans weren’t worried sick about me. Naturally, I’m the best feline patient in the world. They simply had to carry me out the door and into the clinic without so much as a squirm.

Mobile vet squad cat exam
Nothing wrong with me, doc.






















Dr. G. and his trusted assistant Denise checked me out while Layla and my dad stood nearby. I’ve been more wobbly in my back legs because of muscle loss from the CKD. Dr. G. is happy I’m going for walks and encouraging more exercise to help maintain muscle tone. Luckily the warmer weather is finally here and I can do more of what I love best, sunbathing and snifferizing the garden.

A few tweaks were suggested to my health protocol: diet, supplements, meds and change in sub Q fluid dosage. I surprised everyone with my feisty joie de vivre, or joy of life as the French say. Dr. G. said, “You’re looking good old man. We’ll see you in four months.”

Of course everything can change in a heartbeat but we’re all optimistic for now. I said my good-byes and headed straight to the garden for a good whiz in the bushes. Ah life, enjoy it while you can.

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