Monday Miracles

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Welcome to Mondays With Merlin. I’m an old Siamese cat who would like to say when cats get older, life can feel topsy-turvy. Nothing is the same as before and our needs change. Change is scary. Our bodies are not as nimble and every one of our senses can be diminished so kitty guardians take note:This would not be the best time to move or renovate your home. Be patient with us. Older cats need cozy, familiar places to curl up away from drafts, easy to access beds, litter boxes and places to perch. Step stools are welcome so we don’t have to jump so high. Elevated food dishes make it easier to eat and reduce digestive troubles. We might need more attention or reassurance, so give us an extra cuddle and murmur I love you and everything will be okay, even when we know it won’t be. A little extra love goes a long way.

My fur brother Odin tells me he’s candidate in the Cat Ruler of the World contest. How did I miss the memo? I must be getting old. I thought I already ruled the world. Oh well, I promised I’d remind you to vote for him. You get only one vote and can vote any time from midnight Tuesday, Sept 11 to midnight Sept.14 at Zee & Zoey By voting you get entered to win some awesome prizes and the winner gives the grand prize to their favorite shelter.

A vote for Odin is a vote for the amazing cat sanctuary called Brigid’s Crossing.

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