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#MeowMonday Weird Woo Woo Video

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Okay guys, let’s get right into it. It’s #MeowMonday and we often feature Mondays with Merlin or the rest of the boys with MancatMonday but today we have a bonus. Since our foster girl, we call Nou Nou, arrived almost three weeks ago things have been beyond intense. She wouldn’t eat and you know we tried everything. I resorted to measuring food and water while drowning in worry. She ate in anorexic proportions and finally after a few days she wolfed down what our cats eat. The shelter gave me their cheap food and cats being cats can sniff better opportunities a mile away. We feed a combo of raw and different grain-free premium wet food. She’s no dummy and will no doubt have us wrapped around her paw in no time.

foster cat nip nana catnip

She has one eye and the other one is not pretty when it opens. It leaks and don’t know why it wasn’t stitched up. It’s time consuming catering to a foster cat who has lived at either hoarder or in a shelter cage her entire life (14 months). She’s turned around remarkably fast but she has her quirks. I’m still shaking my head about why this cat at this time when I’m so busy. I was pining for one normal, healthy, loving, gorgeous cat but it’s clearly not in the cards for me. Nou Nou is very odd and scary smart. For a cat who has been deprived in every way, she’s a quick learner and enjoys music, every toy she’s been presented with and dribbles balls like a pro basketball player. The word “droll” captures her purrsonality and she is an adventurous Sagittarian.


Eating is all Merlin does now every 2 hours 24/7. With kidney disease it’s a race against time before weight loss includes loss of muscle mass. It’s happening gradually but noticeably. He’s taking longer to get up the stairs and having trouble getting onto the step stool to the bed. It feel likes I’m doing non-stop cat care, observing, making adjustments, sleeping in shifts in different beds so every cat gets what they need. I work most of the afternoon in bed with Merlin and late at night in my office with Nou Nou.

Merlin cat eating CKD

Thank goodness Domino requires little of me since he’s so bonded with hubby. The full moon yesterday brought the usual kitty crazies and weirdly warm weather. Domino has his Snowshoe winter coat and wondering why is it like September. Meanwhile it’s going from 62 degrees to a low of 9 this week!

Domino-cat- January

And it’s that’s not weirdo enough, I made a short video of Nou Nou playing by the piano and all these flying orbs appeared (I slowed it down a little to show detail). I’ve never had anything like this happen. She’s playing with a new catnip toy I made for her but seems distracted at first. Some say they’re spirit orbs or angel orbs but I have no idea. What do you think?


  • meowmeowmans

    Nou Nou is in the very best place she can be — with you. This is so good for you all, we can see. And those orbs — maybe they’re angel kitties, blessing you with their presence and watching over you all? Hugs!

  • Coccolino

    So glad Nou Nou is eating. She couldn’t be luckier to have you taking care of her.

    I’m so sorry about Merlin. It must be so hard to watch this (obviously we fully understand after watching our Lacci) but what a treasure to be able to spend all that time with him. Lots of hugs to you.

  • Connie Marie

    Sorry this is late, I have to say that the electrical charges are real. I shoke hands with a psychic in AZ and received a huge shock,but immediately felt better. She said my energys were low, told me how to recharge because some people drained energy from me. Also, I have pics of my son with white orbs in them, no explanation, except angels in the background. So those orbs are probably there in abundance, you have 2 cats who need healing energy. Nou Nou is gorgeous! Is her eye gone or infected? She seems very sure of herself while checking out new things, I bet she’ll be amazing when adjusted, then will be a great comfort.
    Merlin does look wonderful in his picture, I know looks are deceiving, but he’s giving his all for sure! Hope he continues eating like he is. Hope you’re taking care of yourself and feel better.
    All things happen for a reason, that’s why you have Nou Nou. Peace,Love and Purrs

  • Tamago

    Glad Nou Nou began to eat. And enjoying music and playing! I have no idea about orb, though. I like to think they are spirit of kitties who are watching over you all, maybe Gris Gris and Gray Boy.

  • Dorothy

    I’m so glad Nou Nou is eating. She certainly seems to be learning the ways of what I suppose kitties think of as the Pomise Land,, you’re sort of like Lady Libery for the refugee kitty…if that’s not too liberal, feminist, pro-pinko, commie?

    I find the orbs fascinating partly becauses she doesn’t. It’s like she sees them but then turns to the toy, as if they aren’t meant for her. I think it’s because they are meant for you. You’re stressed and, at least in your post, questioning why you’d take this on now, when life is already crazy and you know that Merlin is slowly slipping away. But imagine that your Angels want to get a message to you. When would be a smart time to try? Why when you’re videoing the kitty with the new toy.! I know that at least some of your Angels are furry and also very smart. So maybe they just want you to know you’re on the right path and that they are still right there with you.

    I’m so glad my iPad is finally working again and I can see your post regularly! Have a blessed new year.

  • Flynn

    Some people try to explain the orbs as dust floating in front of the lens or light reflecting, but there are too many and far too much movement for that. Also they can occasionally be seen by the naked eye, not only in photos. I do believe that you are seeing spirits who have come to help her adjust.

  • maggie

    Disco Ball?
    Nou Nou has such a compact cute little shape.
    Each time I’ve fostered, the cat has gone from not eating to binge eating, followed by not using the litter box at all for several days! Just when I’ve decided we need to rush to the vet, everything is resolved.
    It is stressful, but the rewards are beyond measuring.

  • Sammy

    So glad she’s eating…..she’s a pretty cat and I think if anyone can “bring her around” it’s you Layla! Those orbs have only appeared in ONE photo I’ve ever taken – and because it happened on my Dad’s birthday some years ago I kind of decided it was a spirit orb – it was just one – it was large, had designs on it and was quite pretty! Never seen this many in before – – – I think your “energy” attracts them!

    Hugs, Pam

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    When one is special then special things happen….hence the orbs. Nou Nou is attracting spirits because she needs their help to overcome.
    I love the food thing………why eat bologna when you can have caviar MOL!!!
    We think being the only female in an all male feline household will help her adjust faster.
    She is so beautiful!!!!
    When one needs us we can no more resist then fly on our own.

    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  • Annabelle

    Amazing video. Truly.
    Anytime there is a new cat you know there’s always an adjustment. Especially if there is any special treatment needed Poor NouNou probably needs extra reassurance and love with all she has been through.


  • da tabbies o trout towne

    nou nou….it’s the spirit of Bastet; Gris; and others… watching over you and your brothers; and mom and dad too

    hugs girl from dai$y


  • Kathryn

    Nou nou looks to be doing wonderfully. Fascinating about the orbs. I have never seen this kind of thing before, but they’re definitely there.

    I do see electrical charges between people, which I always thought really odd until I read recently that some people do see these.

    Domino is adorable and so glad he is so bonded with hubs. Merlin looks to be doing very well considering his age.

      • Kathryn

        Not auras. I only learned recently that this is a real phenomenon. Difficult to describe, but I see sparkly things between people who are attracted to each other, things that emanate directly from the sparks in their eyes. It’s not the eyes that i see but I see the electricity in the air between them.

        Electro-magnetic charges in the air between people. We are matter. Energy is matter. The energy our eyes give out when we are staring at someone’s back causes them to feel the energy and so they then turn around.

        It’s a fun thing, this seeing the electro-chemical energy between people, UNLESS it’s your guy and he’s attracted to someone else and she to him. Then, it’s NOT fun.

        I first noticed it at McGill. I was a Don (RA) at RVC, Royal Victoria College, the women’s dorm, and we had to sign people in and out. We took turns manning (womening) that desk.

        The dates would come and ask for their young lady. She’d come to the front desk and zing zing zing zing I saw flashes in the air between them. Happened a lot. I looked in their eyes and saw it there, too, but I also saw it in the air between them.

  • Carol Dyer

    The orbs definitely look like they’re from the spirit world. There are connections between cats and spirits that we’ll never fully understand. Your cats are all lovely, and you’re lucky to have them. They’re lucky to have you, too. You obviously care for them, and you have such a soothing voice. Praying for all of you.

  • Sue Brandes

    Layla I bet your meant to help this kitty. My daughter says I always get the ones that need help too. I am a magnet for them. She sure is a pretty kitty. Have a great week.

  • Summer

    Those orbs are very strange – nothing like the rays and orbs my human gets when the sun bounces on the camera lens a certain way. Maybe there is special energy around Nou Nou – she does sound like a very otherworldly kitty. I think you are lucky to have her, and her quirks will someday become blessings.

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