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Mancat Labor Day Dreams and Videos

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

mondays with merlin-garden

It’s Labor Day and I’m having a dream come true! Hello dear cat lovers, it’s another Mondays With Merlin and okay, it raining but so what. My mom, Layla who hates making videos has decided it’s time to make some for posterity. In other words, she thinks I’m going to croak and it’s not enough that she has 88 gazillon photos of me. The first video was taken yesterday in the monsoon and today looks the same. Don’t be deceived by Layla’s cheery mood. I know she’d rather be lolling with me in the garden and certainly not trying to figure out how to make a YouTube channel. I can’t understand how someone so smart and talented has a mental block about YouTube. I mean complete idiots makes cat videos that are seen by millions and how many have seen hers? Six? Even her very cute video of Odin catching raindrops was only seen by 56 people. I mean what is her problem? Never mind, I wanted to share one smart

thing she’s done lately.

Catnaps in the garden! Lying in the sun on something soft, feeling the earth energy beneath and lying near my mom. First there was the beach towel and on the weekend she brought out a comforter and my favorite pillow. Can we say happy camper? But she is a slow learner. She tried to trick me by multi-tasking. I may be blind but does she think I can’t hear the rustle of newspaper? I’d get up in a huff to wander, knowing she had to follow me. After a couple tries she gave up and focused on only ME! MO– — — USES, she works too hard and what better way to rest than to catnap with an expert? Talk about Labor Day. A cat’s work is never done!

I let her make a video of me by the herb garden (below).The catnip is good but the grass is better. It would be even better without her crazy cat lady talk. She also made a video of Odin and Domino with Gris Gris. I hope I haven’t created a monster doing this video thingy. If anyone can help Layla with YouTube tips, please do. She finally figured out how to add the YouTube icon at the top of this page so you can click to see her embarrassing video page and zero, okay 13 subscribers. Seriously, I’m smarter than most cats who have 300,000 subscribers and I’m not talking famous like Grumpy Cat. If you feel like subscribing, I promise the videos will improve.

I hope you have a meowvelous Labor Day. Will you be having any catnaps?


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