Mama Cat Behaviorist is Back

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My apologies for a tardy Mondays with Merlin. As a Siamese old boy, I rule the roost which isn’t easy when one of my subjects flies the coop. Namely, my mama Layla who just got back from a vacation in Florida. I missed her even though my cat daddy let me talk to her on the phone a couple times and of course telepathically. I was suitably miffed and refused to sleep with her just to let her know.

Reader, brace yourself: she came back smelling of other cats. Lots of them. I wasn’t too jealous because she was working with cats who needed her help. A full report is in the works but for now, here’s photo of Layla doing her cat whispering thing with a few Florida cats. Look at those happy tails up. That’s okay with me as long as I’m #1 cat. Do you have a #1 cat?


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