Mama Cat Behaviorist is Back

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My apologies for a tardy Mondays with Merlin. As a Siamese old boy, I rule the roost which isn’t easy when one of my subjects flies the coop. Namely, my mama Layla who just got back from a vacation in Florida. I missed her even though my cat daddy let me talk to her on the phone a couple times and of course telepathically. I was suitably miffed and refused to sleep with her just to let her know.

Reader, brace yourself: she came back smelling of other cats. Lots of them. I wasn’t too jealous because she was working with cats who needed her help. A full report is in the works but for now, here’s photo of Layla doing her cat whispering thing with a few Florida cats. Look at those happy tails up. That’s okay with me as long as I’m #1 cat. Do you have a #1 cat?


14 thoughts on “Mama Cat Behaviorist is Back”

  1. Aww, Merlin she does wuv you bestest. And Odin and Domino and Mystery Miss and Gris Gris and….

    But really, Merlin you will always be the Prince of Princes.

  2. Welcome home Layla. Merlin you show her how aptly miffed you truly are…hehe we know you really aren’t but you have to show those people a thing or two when they leave you for more than one day.. Purrs Skeeter And Izzy..we are equal cats! >^=^<

  3. Merlin
    There’s no question about it, I’m top cat around here and I tell everyone that!!! Tee hee


  4. Guess Mom must have been visiting those feral cats at that Hotel that Deb went and visited or at least the same feral cats. Or did she find some different ones to visit?? Can’t wait to hear the stories. Hope she had a good time in Florida.

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