12 thoughts on “Happy Cats are Spayed & Neutered

  1. Absolutely! We couldn’t agree more. The mom took in a stray who went into heat, and it was a miserable experience. Neither the mom nor the kitty got any sleep. When the mm couldn’t find her owners, the first thing she did was have her spayed. In 30 years since that cat, none of her kitties have had the chance to go into heat.

  2. We agree with Brian!
    It’s almost air conditioning weather here!
    Last year this time Glogirly was skiing!
    But for me, no matter the weather, it’s just another day under the blanket. mmmmmmm.

  3. It’s such a simple fix for so many problems. We will never understand why some people just don’t,won’t do it. You can educate ignorance but you can’t fix stupid! Double Mews on that one Skeeter and Izzy >^oo^<

    1. I heard it’s in the 80s!
      @Fuzzy Tales, you’d think everyone would be on board but reminders are needed especially every spring with shelters full of kittens and puppies.
      @Random Felines, good for you! Keep at it.
      @ Angelina, happy snip snip day for Seb.

  4. Only one kitty is still “whole” in our household. It’s Seb…. he’s due for the *snip* in May. Till then, let His Peskyness enjoy his last days of being “whole”. purrr….meow!

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