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Happy Canada Day From A Canuck Kitty

Did you know 25% of our Cat Wisdom 101 cats are Canadian? It’s true, it’s Monday With Merlin and I’m ย Merlin the Canuck kitty brave enough to fly to New York with Layla twelve years ago!

You may wonder how us Canadian cats are different. Are we nicer? More polite? You tell me. I will say, while cats are very territorial we aren’t patriotic or nationalistic. You could say cats are citizens of the world. After all, we rule internationally, eh? So to all my Canadian friends, Happy Canada Day! And be smart. Keep your cats inside and away from fireworks.

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26 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day From A Canuck Kitty

  1. I am very late. I was having a hissy fit yesterday over my outside kitty intruders again so I missed being able to make mommy help me with my vlog and furriends. Happy belated Canada Day. xox

  2. We are a bit late, but Happy Canada day! We wondered why there were fireworks going off last night? So there must be some Canadians around here somewhere! mol

  3. Celebrate,celebrate! Happy Canada Day To All!!!! WE ARE THE WORLD..cats that is…MOL Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and The Feral Gang >^..^<

  4. Oh we like that world citizens, it’s so true isn’t it!
    Happy Canada Day!!

    Thank you for stopping by and sending me birthday wishes. I am so grateful for all of my friends and for helping to make this one special day.

  5. Happy Canada Day! I agree, kitties are citizens of the world. They rule the world ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope fireworks won’t bother you too much. On July 4th we are panning to close all the windows while the boom is going on!

  6. Happy Canada Day Merlin !!
    Always nice to see a fellow Canadian kitty
    even if you don’t live here anymore.
    As you say, we are cats of the world ๐Ÿ˜‰
    You have a pawsome home and that is more important ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  7. happee canada day two ewe merlin N crew…eat plentee oh trout N perch ta sell a brate ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!!

  8. Happy CATnada DAY WILDE FAMILY!!
    Merlin is there ANYTHING that is not amazing or wonderful about mew? I’m forever impressed by what a distinguished senior kitizen mew are, and I am inspired to strive to be one too. SENIOR KITIZENS ROCK!! Purrrrrrrrrrr!

  9. Happy Canada Day, Merlin.

    It”s so nice (and exceptionally rare) to have our country’s day acknowledged by someone who currently is not living in Canada. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Yes, Merlin is Canadian! Merlin is a very lucky boy. Will he sing O Canada? It is my favorite Anthem, so much better than stars and stripes.

    My cats are not Canadian, and in fact, none of my cats were Canadian.

    We brought all our kitties frm south of the border (the US) to live in Canada, way back in the day.

    Kitty – Siamese; Kemal – black; and then Emma, from Chicago, who lived 20 years.

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