Feral Fun and Games


It’s been a lovely autumn week and we’re getting in the mood for Halloween. The cooler temps mean more indoor afternoon naps unless there happens to be a sun puddle on the porch. Merlin sulked in a foul mood the moment it clouded over or dare I say, a deadly mood.


Odin, whose middle name must be naughty, also had birds on the brain.cat-feathers-halloween-mask-catwisdom101.comNo real birds were killed for this blog post (at least not this week).

Odin went crazy for treats of a different kind when we received a box from Cat’s Pride and their new litter, Fresh & Light.  To see the juicy details and enter the contest, leave a comment at yesterday’s post or today’s. Odin liked the litter fine but loved the box it came in, so now we have yet another cat “house”.

Cat get bored easily and just when you think they’re done with a toy or bed, they’re not. Last year, I’d bought him a gorgeous purple satin tent, fit for a Sultan and he’d ignored it for months. Suddenly, a couple weeks ago, he made it his favorite bed again. Rotate your cat’s toys and beds. If they get bored, store them for awhile and recycle them at later date as if they were something “new”.

cat-playing box-fresh & light-cat wisdom101.com

The highlight of the week was the pleasant shock of seeing Domino slip in through a crack in the door and join the fun just like a regular indoor cat.

cats playing-cat's pride-cat wisdom 101

yesterday while everyone napped inside, I left the front door open a crack and  hear a crunching sound near my office. Domino had slipped inside and found a crust of buttered breakfast toast. He ran out as soon as he saw me, but I’d say we’re making progress. What’s new with you this weekend?

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16 thoughts on “Feral Fun and Games”

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  2. If Domino is eating toast and butter, he must be feeling right at home! He might be ready next for what we call the “Full English” So be prepared with bacon, eggs and sausages!!! 😉

  3. That really is exciting that Dom came in all by himself. He just likes his new cat friends.That is so exciting. Hopefully he will figure out that it is warmer in the house this winter. Hope everyone has a great week end.

  4. Awww!! Good for you Domino! What wonderful new! This was a great post – lots of fun pictures – I am quite partial to witches, so the first one was my favorite! We hope you all have a nice weekend with some sun puddles now and again.

  5. Every Kitty ever born is special and so is their love and trust but when a feral or an abused Kitty decides that you are indeed trustworthy it is pure joy! I am always so happy to know that there is indeed so many caring and loving cat guardians in this world! I really like your site so far. Thanks for loving the little guys!

  6. OMC! If I didn’t have Ruby on my lap right now, I’d be jumping up and down and dancing around the room – LOVE the photo of Domino checking out the package with Odin! Yes!!! I wonder whether he would have run outside if he’d seen your husband first, rather than you? (I’m not trying to give you a cat whisperer complex, it just seems that your husband and Domino have a special bond!)

    1. Their morning brushing/feeding bonds them but D still runs if someone is walking towards him. The good thing is he’s gone from needing the door wide open to a few inches.

  7. As always, great pix of “the boys”…..Domino coming inside to play with Odin is wonderful but if he’s comfortable enough to sneak in your office Layla and try to steal some toast? I’d say that’s DEFINITELY progress!!!

    Pam (and Sam)

  8. So glad Dom Dom is getting over his shyness! And Odin is always a scamp!!

    What’s new with us? Bought a huge new catbox and a CatMouse ionizer for the top of the box – it is an air purifier and the box will never smell! I scoop every day, anyway, and the box has a filter, but with two huge boys, we can’t take any chances. The CatMouse is a great device. Plug it in and the house will smell fresh. Ideal for apartments.

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