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5 Purrfect Halloween Safety Tips: All NEW

All New Halloween Cat Safety Guide With Shareable Graphics by Holistic Cat Expert, Layla Morgan Wilde. Revised Oct. 2018. In case you missed our rare weekend mega post, please take a peek Post Hurricane Help  This is a holistic approach to Halloween Safety Tips from personal and professional experience. Halloween can […]

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Full Moon Caturday Treats No Tricks

Full Moon Caturday Treats No Tricks.  We feeling like yowling at the moon which is a rare super full moon in Aries tomorrow. If you’re in a hissy mood, find practical advice at Sun-gazing who explains how you can best use the powerful energy. We’re in full Halloween mode here […]

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Halloween Cat Fun

Merlin is gallivanting in the spirit world and will return next week with Mondays With Merlin. We wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

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Feral Fun and Games

It’s been a lovely autumn week and we’re getting in the mood for Halloween. The cooler temps mean more indoor afternoon naps unless there happens to be a sun puddle on the porch. Merlin sulked in a foul mood the moment it clouded over or dare I say, a deadly […]

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