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Feline Mona Lisa: Queen of Cups Tarot Compassion

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Full moon wishes and Mona Lisa smiles dear ones. It’s me, Merlin and another full moon look at tarot insights with the Queen of Cups.


We’re still in the watery, moon-ruled sign of Cancer, the 4th sign of the zodiac.

astrology cat Cancerian

In the tarot, there are four queens, one for each suit: cups correspond to Water, wands correspond to Fire, swords correspond to Air and and Pentacles correspond to Earth. Our tarot of the week is the Queen of Cups. She’s a sweetie pie, mother of kindness and when she pops up in a tarot spread, it either denotes a real person like that in your life or her symbolic qualities. Why wait for her to show up? You can access the milk of human kindness yourself. The card is all about tapping into our cup of compassion. Is it over-flowing or experiencing a drought?

The easiest way to tap into a Queen of Cups kindness is to snuggle a kitten or your favorite kitty.

If you don’t have one around, a cute video will do. You know one look at kitten cuteness and the coldest heart will thaw. The Queen of Cups loves all animals and perfectly represents those who do cat rescue and volunteer at shelters and for animal causes. I suspect there are a bunch of Queen and King ( the male Mr. Sensitive) of Cups at our Black Cats Tell campaign to help make a difference in the lives of black cats.

If you’re in need a kitty cuteness, watch the video that launched the career of Cole and Marmalade in 2012. Over 265 videos and 91 million views later, not so little Cole is sharing his story in our book. His parents are on a well deserved vacay and I wish I could say my parents are are too.

Alas, Layla is launching Kickstarter Phase 2, perhaps today if the cat gods are feeling compassionate. So far the quick cut and paste, upload and tinkering is taking longer and she’s doing a major re-do So what else is new? Layla could use some compassion today. If you’re feeling generous, you know what to do. If not, watch some more cat videos.

Before you think I’ve gone all GLBTQ on you, rest assured I’m still a mancat, but the Mona Lisa fit the bill today. She has the dreamy intuitive quality of a Queen of Cups. The queen will smile and even laugh but it’s the warm, quiet knowing of an empath. Not sure if you are a super sensitive? Take the Empath Test

queen of cups

Tell me how you’re feeling and what would YOU like this week? Extra purrs to a couple of our dear readers who had to escort their cats to the great beyond.

I must say, there has been a lot of traffic in these parts, but it’s like getting to the beach house after a very long drive. It’s that glorious of opening the car door, stretching your legs in the fresh air of a new or favorite vacation spot. Ah, dear departed kitties, you have arrived at your destination. I’ll be serving niptinis by the pool at 5.

Love and purrs of compassion,



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