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Calling All Black Cats

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Calling All Black Cats and their owners/slaves/personal assistants. We have good news and better news. Yesterday we launched our new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to publish Black Cats Tell All and met our goal within 12 hours.

Bloggers live online a great deal and I sometimes forget not everyone does. Just yesterday, I learned, yet again, not to make assumptions. I mentioned the Kickstarter to my doctor and he said, “What’s Kickstarter?”

Kickstarter is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects. Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a group of people online. Essentially, friends or strangers pledging money to support a project. In this case, a nonprofit book of stories and images of black cats to raise their shelter adoption rates. There is a project for any conceivable idea. My idea is to build a community around black cat awareness and promote their adoption. My doctor had no idea black cats are 50% less likely to be adopted in a shelter.

He said, “That’s a great idea!”

Then, I asked someone to DM me. They said, “What’s DM?” Direct Message. At that point, I wondered if there is a social media dictionary. Thank goodness there are a number including a Social Media Glossary

So, we’re crowdfunding, this week only for BLACK CATS TELL ALL. We’re off to a great start but need kick it up a notch. Huge thanks to everyone who has supported us in any way.

Check out our campaign on KICKSTARTER. There are perks for backers include guaranteed placement of your cat’s photo in the book.

calling all Black Cats

If you have a fabulous black cat who photographs well but you’re unable to support the Kickstarter, we’re crowd-sourcing images for Black Cats Tell All. There is a small submission fee which is only charged if your image is selected. If interested, email [email protected] and we’ll send the guidelines.

Question: Originally, the book was going to be a collection, or anthology of stories with a photo of each contributor. We’re adding more images to the book to show the diversity of black cat fabulosity. We’re sticking to the original title but stumped what to call it. Illustrated could be misleading. It’s still a story collection but beyond an anthology.

What would you call a book of nonfiction black cat stories with mini-stories, profiles and amazing photography?

black cats_photo submission




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