Giving Thanks from A to Z

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Every day is Thanksgiving around here, minus the turkey. We’re big on the gratitude attitude and we’d like to share our A to Z gratitude list. Special thanks go to Ingrid King from The Conscious Cat who began the tradition at her blog last year with her Thanksgiving ABC’s.

We’re deeply grateful for the support, comments, emails, Facebook “likes” our Cat Wisdom101 which just turned six months old. We’re growing fast and look forward to sharing more giveaways, contests and fan interaction with readers at our Facebook page. If you haven’t already joined us, please do. However you choose to communicate with us is a joy and a privilege.

Layla Morgan Wilde’s gratitude list from A to Z.

A- Awareness, whenever I’m being present, is a gift.

B- Breathing, with mindfulness.

C- Cats, of course!

D- Domino, now formerly feral.

E- Elephants. These gentle giants are endangered again.

F- Feral cats, family & friends (not necessarily in this order.)

G- Gris Gris, basement cat no more!

H- Happiness. I choose and cultivate happiness, like pearls formed from grit.

I- Intuition & Insights, the tools of my trade as an intuitive coach.

J- Journeys, both inner and outer.

K- Keys, both literal and figurative.

L- Love, because it’s who we all are, at our core.

M- Merlin, my muse for the past 17 years.

N- Nature, watching, listening, smelling, breathing, walking, being in…

O- Odin, the one-eyed cat who stole my heart.

P- Peace: May all beings know peace in their heart, their home and on earth.

Q- Quiet times are bliss.

R- Reading and readers, that mean YOU!

S- Sleep, does anyone ever get enough?

T- Treats & Toys: from catnip for the kitties to chocolate for me.

U- Umbrellas in a storm.

V- Vet (we are very grateful for the best vet care from Dr. Richard Goldstein).

W- Wisdom, I have a little. Want some?

X- Xanax, for emergencies. I’m human not the Dalai Lama.

Y- Yoga.

Z- Zero tolerance for animal cruelty.

What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?

15 thoughts on “Giving Thanks from A to Z”

  1. Great Thanksgiving post! We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving & hope you had a wonderful day! We’re sorry, we are running a little behind, the girl was home from college. Take care and enjoy!

    1. Angelina, my cats taught me everything I know 😉
      @Chey & Co purrs to all.
      @Rumpy, LOL you’re probably right.
      @Ingrid, yup, I think we’re over the hump.
      @Max, kinda like rinse, lather, repeat 🙂
      @Brian, did not know that. Sweet Dolly.
      @Caren,thanks! Now off to let them know.
      @Julia, go ahead and steal. Everyone’s list is unique.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all the big and little souls everywhere! I am always thankful for the pawprints on my heart….
    Love your list! Much love to all Kat, Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

    1. Ingrid, since you left X out I had to find something ;-). Happy Thanksgiving to you, Allegra and Ruby!
      @Caren, thanks so much! A lot of mommy blogs do it but easily adapted to us cat bloggers and improved on every year (I hope). Happy Thanksgiving!
      @LOL Fuzzy Tales, thank-you and even though the Dalai Lama is in human form, he is enlightened. It might take me a few more lifetimes 😉
      @Rumpy & Co. Thanks and same to you, every day!
      @Marg, during your time of loss I hope you feel some comfort today. Sending purrs..
      @Deb, we send you and your entire family love and purrs.
      @Brian, many blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving – have a wonderful day!

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