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At Cat Wisdom 101, we believe in using only the best quality products for our cats and love “green” products for their health, safety and the well being of our planet. The lovely people from Clean + Green sent us three products to test and we’re offering our readers a chance to win any product from their line.

The timing to try new cleaning products for pets couldn’t have come at a better time. With our elderly cat Merlin in palliative care that means more messes, vomiting and cat litter mishaps. We gave all three products, Furniture Refresher, Wood + Tile and Litter Box some serious testing.

When I first read about the claims about Clean+Green: All-natural formula delivers instant results in a safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly solution. A patented formula (Cane sugar derivatives, proprietary blend of botanical extracts, hydrated cellulose, purified water and nitrogen) that encapsulates and eliminates stain and odor on contact by naturally biodegrading the stain or odor source. It sounded great but would it really work?

Full disclosure:We are never paid for our reviews. We clean five litter boxes once a day and one of our boys makes stinky poops. One spray of Litter Box and the lingering odor vanished. Next, the big test. Merlin had vomited outside a litter box. Excuse the pic: It’s not pretty. We knew the products were on their way so we waited a couple days. The vomit dried and hardened on the painted wood floor. I was not optimistic that something natural could clean this mess.

clean + green-vomit-cat-litter-floor

I sprayed the Wood + Tile cleaner, waited and wiped with a rag. Wow. It needed on more spritz and not only was it clean, it didn’t leave any odor.

clean + green-vomit-floor-tile-cat

I was sold but how would the Furniture Refresher work on a mattress with cat pee? It worked like a dream. I’m no clean freak but I got really excited. What else would these products do? It turns out, plenty. Clean + Green products are great for pet use but also for other household cleaning and odor elimination. I sprayed all the leather chairs, the stainless steel appliances, the bathroom sink, the garbage cans, my closet, my car. I even cleaned a pair of sandals and handbag! The possibilities are endless.

Clean + Green is new my favorite all-purpose cleaner/odor eliminator and I invite you to check out their entire line of products. Clean + Green.

To enter our giveaway: simply leave a comment with the product name of your choice at this post anytime before 11:59 PM July 31, 2012. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on August 1, 2012. Good luck!

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