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Black Cat Wednesday & National Feral Cat Day

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feral cat day-black cat appreciation day


It’s black cat appreciation Wednesday featuring two black cats, worlds apart plus cool, black cat vintage finds. Black cats are considered lucky in many countries and we’d love everyone in the U.S. to think so too! It also happens to be National Feral Cat Day, a holiday close to our hearts. Not a day goes by without being reminded that our Domino to be feral. You’d never know it seeing him purring on my husband’s lap. Not all feral cats are that lucky, but all feral cats deserve to be understood, protected and cared for.

Way back in 1903, there was a literary magazine called The Black Cat.


black cat magazine 1903

This vintage Fiesta ware pitcher is the cat’s meow.

black cat pitcher fiesta



black cat folk art A funny and not the least bit spooky black cat folk art.








Did extra good news arrive to anyone using this vintage black cat letter opener?

goebel germany letter opener

We’re hoping for good news for the 150+ cats rescued from Mid-Hudson Animal Aid which experienced a fire recently. We featured three of their black cats two weeks ago and another black beauty today. Big purrs of thanks to our friends at Hills Pet Nutrition for answering our request for help and are making generous donation of cat food to Mid-Hudson Animal Aid.

Meet Yogurt, a black beauty who has never had a real home.


Yogurt is a sweet but shy gal born in a hoarder’s house. She’s only shy at first, likes being petted and held but would prefer a quiet home with maybe some kitty companions. She is spayed and up to date with all shots. All the cats were evacuated and are in foster situations but much help is needed to re-build. Please visit their Facebook page for all the latest good news, volunteer ops or to learn more about their lovely variety of cats available for adoption, visit their page on

Our second special featured cat is from the Annex Cat Rescue in Toronto, Canada. It’s the group I founded in 1997 when I lived in Toronto. What began as one person feeding a feral colony grew into what it is today. It’s a testament to how one person joining other like-minded people can make a huge difference in the lives of cats.

Please visit and like their Facebook page and find out all the wonderful things they’re up to including Feral Cat Awareness Week

Meet Toby, an old boy who has used up a few of his 9 lives remains hopeful for a forever home.

All cats have a story. This is Toby’s. It reminds me very much of our former feral and FIV+ Domino and for that reason alone I have hope for Toby.

Toby is a handsome tuxedo boy with big black paws, big expressive eyes, and a big friendly purr. His big outgoing personality wins over everyone he meets and he is a big fan of cuddling, too. And if he could talk, Toby would have a big story to tell you. His ragged, frostbitten ears and deep, wise gaze offer a glimpse into the hardships of Toby’s life before rescue, but this resilient cat’s capacity to forgive is simply astounding. Despite his tumultuous past, since his rescue, Toby has proven that he still trusts the people in his world to do right by him. He is an optimistic guy who appreciates the simple joys of watching the exciting view through a screened window, basking in a beam of sunshine, and snuggling into a warm lap for attention and pets. Affectionate Toby just loves to be loved.

Unfortunately, being forced to survive outdoors for years after being abandoned has inevitably affected Toby’s health. A medical test revealed that he has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Having FIV also means that Toby is more sensitive than most cats to viruses and respiratory infections, which can cause a bit of wheezy-breathing. A quality diet and a low-stress environment will reduce the effects of FIV and will greatly improve Toby’s quality of life, although he’s certainly not a complainer! (Read more about FIV )

Despite his lingering health issues, Toby is a content cat who enjoys indoor living. That being said, recently, Toby has been experiencing regular stomach upset (vomiting and loose stool) every week to ten days and lasting a day or two each time. Toby’s temporary foster mom reports that during these times, Toby tends to lose his appetite and becomes more reclusive, and she admits that this can be a little scary. But, she adds, these periods of illness disappear as suddenly as they appear and afterward, Toby always returns to his happy-go-lucky social self. The veterinarian is still running tests to determine what causes these recurring periods of stomach upset. Meanwhile, Annex Cat Rescue covers the cost of all of Toby’s vet visits, which will continue regularly into the foreseeable future. His temporary foster mom accompanies him to appointments and everyone who cares for him is working toward getting Toby feeling his best. If you are interested in fostering Toby or welcoming him into your family, please contact Annex Cat Rescue about becoming a foster parent:[email protected]

To learn more about feral cats and how we can celebrate National Feral Cat Day, visit Alley Cat Allies


  • Skeeter and Izzy

    Every cat everywhere deserves a home,love,vet care ,great food,a snuggly bed and did we mention love?

    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Peanut and Twig >^..^<

  • PankythePanfur

    #PanfurPurrs for dis mention of National Feral Cat Day an fur Black Cats!
    We wish gud luck to Toby an Yogurt in finding a nice home to call der own.
    DaMa woulda love dose black cat fings.
    Happy Whisker Wednesday

  • Tamago

    Oh Toby, he sounds really sweet even after all he has gone through. He so deserves furever family who love him dearly. So does Yogurt. They are both so adorable!

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    de best oh fishes N St Francis blessing everee one finds ther for evers forever home…yet thiz week…..ewe rock yogurt N toby !!!! XXX

  • meowmeowmans

    Thank you for sharing the message about National Feral Cat Day! It’s such important stuff, and we dream of a day when programs like TNR and managed feral colonies are “normal.”

    I cried when I read Toby’s story. We are purring and praying that he (and Yogurt) find forever homes, but are glad they are in loving foster homes until they do.

  • Hannah and Lucy

    Toby looks a real sweet cat which is amazing considering all his hard years. We are praying that someone will adopt him and give him a loving and stable home for the rest of his days.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  • Bev Green

    Oh Toby I have tears in my eyes for you sweet boy.My much missed Merlin Mc Tavish ( black kitty) contracted Feline Aids..he lived for 5years after diagnosis and was 12 when we said goodbye..your sweet face just connected with me 🙂 and to have your poor little ears frostbitten..well it beggars belief..i do hope you find a home sweet Toby you deserve to feel what real love for animals is all about hugs Fozzieum xx

  • Sparkle

    Paws up for highlighting both National Feral Cat Day and black cats today! You and I are speaking to the already converted, of course – I hope that word reaches those who are not so enlightened.

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