Caturday Call of the Wild

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In our neck of the woods, it’s been a wacky week of changeable weather and moods. Do you find your cat’s moods change according to the weather?

It’s normal to have some mood swings, but sudden behavioral changes in cats can be red flags. If a normally mellow kitty is suddenly lashing out or biting, it maybe be a medical cause and not a mood. The best way to know what’s normal for your cat is to pay attention every day. Notice how, when and where they’re napping or playing, exploring or hiding. Watch their body language.

Every part of their body has something to say from their ears, eyes, mouth, paws, back and tail. Listen to their dozens of different subtle and not so subtle sounds. Engaged play with your cat is a wonderful time for bonding and for noticing. Petting and massage are ideal for noticing sore spots, bald spots, hot spots, lumps or bumps. Cats are constantly communicating even when they’re sleeping. If you’re tuned into what’s normal for your healthy cat, you’ll be better equipped to know when something is amiss.

This week, Odin had only one brief playtime with Mystery Miss but Domino barged in uninvited ruined the party. Odin’s been more needy since, seeking comfort under the covers and for much longer than his usual quickie ten minutes. Merlin who normally doesn’t like sharing my arms in bed, allowed Odin to snuggle together making for a late start to the day yesterday.

There were footprints in the snow at our side door. Were they from MM?

Someone is not amused.

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But we hope you are amused and will nominate us for areaders choice wisdom 101

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Have a grrrrreat weekend!



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