Caturday Birthday Cause: ASPCA Cats Against Puppy Mills

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Our focus at Cat Wisdom 101 is cats but we love all animals. In lieu of celebrating Gris Gris’s birthday, we have partnered with the A.S.P.C.A and their cause to stop puppy mills. More about Gris Gris and how you can win a big prize pack from the A.S.P.C.A at the end of this post.

Did you know that as a cat owner, you can make a difference by pledging not to shop at stores that sell puppies? Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills, so we are encouraging cat lovers to take the pledge not to buy anything—no kitty litter, no cat food, no toys, nothing—in pet stores that sell puppies.

We’re pissed off animals suffer in cruel puppy mills, where they typically spend their entire lives in tiny cages with wire floors, stacked on top of one another. They often suffer from lack of proper nutrition, socialization and veterinary care or worse. The only reason they exist is to make money. If no one supports them, they won’t stay in business. It’s as simple as that.

When you take the pledge, a list of stores selling puppies (and kittens) from puppy mills in your neighborhood will pop up. To learn more or to take the pledge visit

Enter to win this prize pack, simply leave a comment anytime at this post until 11:59 PM EST, September 13. The winner will be announced next Friday. Included is ASPCA orange tote, t-shirt in size medium, wrist band, magnet, Litter box scooper, cat hair roller, Cat collar with bell and cat bandana.


Cats are powerful! Cat lovers can make a difference. We hope you join the Cats Against Puppy Mills Twitter party next Wednesday, 9/12 at 7pm EST and we’d love for you to join with hashtag #EndPuppyMills.

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Gris Gris is turning 14 tomorrow and hates fuss and attention. The last thing he wants is to wear a silly birthday hat and doesn’t want any gifts, well except…


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Remember every comment left here or at our Facebook page will count as an entry to win the prize pack from the A.S.P.C.A.

Voting for the Cat Ruler of the World Campaign for a Cause is Sept 12-14 at Zee Zoey


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