Cats Sniff Out Spring

It’s Friday Funnies and our gang couldn’t wait to sniff out spring yesterday. Odin went gaga over the warm weather and no matter how hard he sniffed, he couldn’t catch a whiff of Mystery Miss. Apparently, there was one brief sighting while I was in Florida. Merlin napped on the porch and did some power sniffing.

Cat-humor-spring-napping-catwisdom 101

spring-sniffing-cats-humor-scent-cat wisdom 101

Finally, the Eureka moment…our first crocuses.

spring-cat-garden-crocus-cat wisdom 101

15 thoughts on “Cats Sniff Out Spring”

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  2. Was 78 degrees outside yesterday; supposed to be even hotter today! Guess spring is springing! Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead Sunday night!

  3. it’s way too early! I have a feeling we are going to get whammed with at least one big storm by the first week of April…March and early April are notorious for snow! (don’t hit me!) MOL!

    1. Caren, I thin you’re right. You know what they say: March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion!
      @Brian, have a great TGIF!
      @Kathryn, can’t wait. Let me know in advance?

  4. Our boys would love outside, except for the cars, Busy, busy.

    I just love looking at kitty photos! Esp. your boys!

    Must check for crocuses tomorrow. They weren’t there today or yesterday, but maybe tomorrow.

    Ched and Mao will be 10 on March 20th!

    I will make cake and email it to everybody. Tuna for felines, choco whipped cream with vanilla and strawberries to everybody else!

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