Cats Like You’ve Never Seen Before

We scoured deep into the interwebs to share Cats Like You’ve Never Seen Before, a vintage mix of pics with a message.

Dating from 1903, this black cat may not be feeling lucky.  You can be sure there is a story about a cat lady here.

If you’ve been thinking of submitting a short story for our black cat anthology, please don’t delay. There are only ten contributor spots left. Email for our FAQ and Guidelines. 


This image, dated 1887 from a Dutch importer of wine and spirits is still in business but I doubt they have mousers. It’s impossible to know what the status of the cat in the photograph is but the grouping of men is posed. I’d like to think the man holding the cat is on friendly terms with her. The cat seems comfortable being held by one hand and a mere mouser would not warrant being front and center for an important photo.


When I came across this antique photo with the caption “Four of Us”, it begged for a new caption. Sadly, shelter euthanasia stats are still scary high. A hundred years ago, disposing of kittens was by drowning or poisonous gas. We have more humane methods of killing now but there is only one solution: SPAY or NEUTER all cats.


I love vintage cat collectibles and this is an easy DIY project if you have a thrift shop find or an orphan plate in your kitchen. Black cat ceramic decor items were popular from the Victorian era to the 1960s with their peak in the ’20s. If you enjoy collecting vintage cat items, now is a good time to invest in them while they’re reasonably priced. I predict there will be a greater demand in the coming years. I’ve found good quality pieces for next to nothing at thrift shops and online.


21 thoughts on “Cats Like You’ve Never Seen Before”

  1. Absolutely adorable that idea you had and did! Gets me inspired!
    I’m always sharing and speaking about spay and neuter! I used to have it done for people, can’t any more. Lost 2/3 thirds of my monthly income, so have to concentrate on my own family of fur babies. Luckily I know a great lady vet that takes care of me.

  2. Cats: always decorative and fascinating! The dish would be a fun way of slowing down those cats who eat too fast. They’d have to chase the food around the statue.

    Kitten season will be starting soon in the Northeast. Once the weather warms up here, the cat gestation period is only 64 to 67 days and shelters will be inundated. Your Spay and Neuter reminder is timely.

  3. Mao agrees wholeheartedly. Cheddar volunteers to donate his time to the cause (and his sweet orange charm.)

    Love the idea of a Victorian (or other) black cat charm on a plate.

  4. Those are great vintage photos and I love the plate with the cat too. I didn’t realize you were looking for black cat submissions, I have 4 black cats, I will get writing.

  5. Love the vintage kitties! I like the dish idea!
    Happy Friday to All!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo and the Angels >^..^^..^<~

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