Leap Year Cat Love

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Every four years we have a leap year on February 29. Today we’re celebrating leap year cat love. Well, actually I’m just happy to get to the end of the month. Woo hoo, can you believe all the snow is gone and it was warm enough to sit outside yesterday? I’m more wobbly-legged than ever but what bliss to sniff fresh greenery which means I survived my 21st WINTER! The snowdrops and a few crocuses have popped up and March is coming in like a lamb. mondays _with_merlin_cat

After my first walkabout in weeks, I enjoyed a long overdue bath. What can I say, I can’t groom myself the same way anymore and it’s not a bath but a hand-held shower in the tub bath. The warm water feels so good and then I get towelled off and sit in front of a space heater to dry.  Did you know old cats lose more whiskers and they don’t grow back as fast? Mine are very short now and yet they still do their job detecting air currents and objects to navigate space. All the more critical if blind like me. My mom says I still look so handsome.

Oh, how I love my clean, soft, furs and wish my old meezer gal pal Nellie could nuzzle me. She is a spring chicken of 17 but still beautiful. She stopped blogging for awhile but she’s back! The sauciest Siamese is at Nellie on The Edge. And she’s Canadian like me. Who knows, maybe she’ll ask me to marry her. After all, today is the day ladies can ask men to marry them.


And we all know one cat leads to another so forget any romantic notions. Love is grand but unwanted kittens are not.


It’s a silly dream to think of romance at my age and the end of the day, my heart belong to mom. What can I can say? I’m a proud momma’s boy. And I won’t be doing any real leaping. Sigh, there was a time many moons ago when I could easily leap to the top of a six foot fence. However, I never did it for tricks or treats like some trained cats.



While researching about the leap year we found a video about leaping cats at a monastery in Burma.  Life is an adventure and enjoy a little trip down this river (fast forward if you’re impatient) to see the trained cats leap through hoops. It’s interesting to see their training technique. Cats perform or not according to their mood.

Will you be doing anything special this leap year?



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