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Good day dear ones, it’s Merlin here and yes, I survived my 21st birthday. It may not have made the headlines or Buzzfeed but it was eternal sunshine for me.
Merlin cat 21st Birthday kangaroo sunset quote australia

I could say there was something exotic like a smoked salmon and caviar cake but it was a very low key event. A nasty, cold wind blew wet and stormy and I stayed under the covers all day. Layla stayed with me much of the day and she shared my favorite treat, a cheese omelet.

Thank Bast, the weather cleared and yesterday I was basking in the warm sunshine under cloudless cobalt blue October skies. It’s the little things as we get older that take on the warm glow of contentment. Layla told me about the many birthday wishes which came from all over the world. It made me feel warm all over. One of my favorite birthday wishes came all the way from Australia from a blogger and meowvelous photographer named Bev Green. She made this card for me which made my day. Check out her fab photos of kangaroos and other fauna and flora at Fozzie. M.






As you know, I hate the cold, the long, dark winter days but then it occurred to me: it’s always morning somewhere in the world and it’s always warm and sunny somewhere too. When we’re freezing our paws in the northern hemisphere, it’s the opposite down under. So, as I ( and maybe you) head to my least favorite season, winter, some friends are heading into spring! You can be sure I’ll be keeping that in mind to keep me in good spirits. Layla, who also hates the cold says she can live vicariously by looking at the pics of the glorious blooming time ahead. It really is a small world after all. We’re all connected by just a click of mouse. Together we can brighten the darkest corners with a smile, a comment, a compliment. It takes so little to make a huge difference in someone’s life.

P.S. This photo of me (below) was taken recently when something magical happened in the light which I’ll tell you about next week. Also the rest of our kitty crew will make an appearance.

Love always,


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